How Nancy Fell In Love With Her Third Husband – Dainik Amader Shomoy


How Nancy Fell In Love With Her Third Husband – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Nancy with her husband Mohsin Mehdi. Photo: taken from Facebook

Popular country singer Nancy married lyricist Mohsin Mehdi at a family event last year. It is his third marriage. Prior to the breakup of the second family, there were rumors in showbiz that Nancy’s family life was not going well. Shortly after, their breakup with Zayed was revealed. Then she entered into a relationship with her current husband, lyricist Mohsin Mehdi.

Many people have asked how Nancy met and bonded with Mehdi. Nancy said it now. Her comment, ‘Many want to know how the mehndi love started? I correct and say there was no love between us. But when there were marriage rumors, I realized that I loved this handsome man. Day by day love did not decrease but increased. Not only does he speak so well, but even during a fight he can set my mind on fire with just a few sentences without using a single offensive word in pure Bengali. Can’t you love such a sweet and mischievous person?

Nancy added: “He rarely has a bad temper. Apart from those few days, he would often sing to me in the middle of the night in a hoarse voice. All are love songs of course. He knows almost all the romantic songs from Bengali movies (because if you want to love a lot, you have to know a lot of timeless love songs).

Praising her husband, she added: “Anyway, this gentle man’s handwriting is remarkable, as is the strength of his voice. Of course, given the way I’m so infatuated with him and feel so alone, it seems like if he ever blows his nose in front of me, that will also seem like a lovely sight to me.

Nancy sang a duet with her husband. In this context, he said: “Now it seems that I have already been trapped in family life and musical life (his songwriting, my voice). Last night the husband and wife sang a very popular Bengali film. The song was composed by Shahriar Alam Marcel. The title of the song is still unknown. Because I want you to wait for our duet song to be released like me.

It should be noted that after the breakdown of the first marriage, singer Nazmun Munira Nancy married businessman Nazimuzzaman Zayed in 2013. In 2014, their daughter Ali Afrin Naila was born. Zayed’s house is in Mymensingh. He is involved in business as well as employment in the local municipality. And Nancy got married to Mohsin Mehdi in August last year.

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