How to protect Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


How to protect Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Office of Science and Technology: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are now part of our daily lives. These platforms are one of the regular means of communication with friends, family or colleagues.

But there are both disadvantages and advantages. Hackers always wait for an opportunity when a user makes a mistake. On this occasion, they will enter important information. Thus, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts will be protected if you follow some tricks.

How to Keep a Facebook Account Safe

1. Go to Privacy in Facebook settings options. Adjust the post privacy settings from here. Not all messages should be shown to everyone. As a result, not all information about you will be in everyone’s hands.

2. You can delete your account from search engines. For this, again access the privacy from the setting option. After that, the search engine option should be disabled.
3. Two-factor authentication must be enabled. This will give a notification if someone wants to use your account.

How to secure your Instagram account

1. Two-factor authentication must be enabled to ensure Instagram account security.

2. Phone and email address need to be updated. And you must have access to a phone and an email address.

3. Do not click on any suspicious links.

How to Protect WhatsApp Account

1. Forgot registration code or two-step verification PIN cannot be shared with anyone.

2. Do not click on any advertisements from unknown numbers.

3. Don’t forget to click on these links if you have a lottery, a job.

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