How to speed up the smartphone


How to speed up the smartphone

When the heat spreads in the smartphone market, many people are no longer interested in buying a new phone. Every year, new smartphone models hit the market with more advanced processors. Even the amount of investment behind the phone is not less now. After spending money on a smartphone, many expect the phone to last longer.

Expensive phones usually don’t have major issues. Companies usually give a lot of importance to software and hardware when making flagship phones. They don’t have too much trouble. But those who buy low-cost or mid-range phones are at a disadvantage. Many people also buy old smartphones. Sometimes these phones become slow due to many small reasons. Arun, the host of the YouTube channel called “Mr. Who’s the Boss” on YouTube, said in a video a few days ago that by making flagships, companies are causing problems in the mid-range. They can sell flagship phones. But even if the flagship model is very good for you, it is not possible for lack of money. So here are some tips to help you easily make your phone a little more interactive:

Update the system
Nowadays, each telephone company uses its own interface. From time to time they provide system updates, new features which users can enjoy. So if the phone is slow then try system update. However, several issues were discovered after delivering system updates to phones from some companies for several days. So go to the forums first and know the update review. You can update it safely. If you find bug information in the review, it is not necessary to provide it.

Pay attention to battery maintenance
The software is as important as the battery when using a mobile. Do not use the phone especially while charging the mobile. Even fully charging the phone all the time or fully charging it is not okay. The exact number of times a battery is capable of being fully charged is determined during manufacture. Frequent full charging damages the battery. Do not leave the phone charging overnight. Usually when the charge is 90%, take it out of the load and charge it when it drops to 20%. Keep a power bank if you are outdoors.

Remove bloatware
After resetting the mobile or buying a new one, there are always some apps not working for you. These are called bloatware. Basically, smartphone companies offer additional games or apps for extra income. Some apps can be uninstalled and some apps cannot be uninstalled. Delete those that can be uninstalled quickly. Don’t even keep unnecessary apps on your mobile.

Frequent full charging damages the battery

Do not fill system storage
Nowadays, many people use mobile storage system. Because the phone’s system storage space is not less. But even though storage is more important, these days files are also quite large. It can be seen that the system storage is filling up quickly. Never fill the system storage more than 90%. You can use any SD card available in the market. But check whether the SD card is class ten or not. A fake or normal SD card slows down the phone even more.

Clear app cache
You may notice cache files piling up on your phone. Many people hear the name but don’t know where it is. Basically cache files are files saved from phone browser while using internet. Only developers can properly use these files. You are not very useful. Almost all apps collect app cache, especially YouTube, Gmail, Facebook and heavy Google games. These app cache files slow down your phone. You can easily delete this cache file by accessing system storage. Many, however, do so through apps. But from our experience, the cache should be deleted using the system app.

Don’t grant app permissions
After installing a new app on the phone, it asks for various permissions. This not only puts your privacy at risk, but also drains the battery. Also, the phone becomes slow. Because System Data always grants these permissions, apps run in the background. Luckily, newer versions of Android have a setting to enable permissions while using the app. After installing the app, grant the permissions carefully.

Do not install apps that show ads

Don’t always turn on data and Wi-Fi
Don’t keep data or wifi on the phone all the time. Use them only when necessary. Also keep background data disabled. It won’t slow down the phone.

Do not install apps that show ads
Nowadays, cheap phones or mid-range phones from many companies are tired of advertising. In terms of taste and quality, these ads are low quality and also contribute to slow down the phone. Of course, it is not possible to completely stop advertising in the ROM provided by the smartphone company, but you can get some relief from advertising by disabling certain app permissions. Also, don’t use apps that show lots of ads. If the problem is with the phone’s ROM, use a custom ROM or stock Android.

Factory data reset
If phone status is bad then there is no other way but factory data reset. This will restore the phone to its original state. If you follow our advice after performing a factory reset, you won’t face any major issues with your phone. The company’s software is largely responsible for slow smartphones, but you should exercise caution.

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