How you stop a service is Google Stadia » Amrita Bazar

How you stop a service is Google Stadia » Amrita Bazar

Google has made some mistakes with its Stadia cloud gaming service. Maybe a few others. Well, he made a lot of promises he didn’t keep and said a lot of things that seemed pretty ridiculous in retrospect and completely cut the rug out from under his indie developers. We have done our best to warn you!

And yet I am do not do I guess Stadia will be remembered now that it’s gone, because ultimately Google did well with its customers. Attention, competing companies: This is how you stop a service.

I don’t think any company has gone to such lengths to erase their mistakes: Stadia users received full hardware and software refunds, saved game transfers, and even played a final test game of celebration on the eve of the shutdown. They were given over three months’ notice so they could finish their games, and Google gave Stadia Pro customers the last three months free. It didn’t even ask them to return the hardware in exchange for that refund – and Google added a much-requested Bluetooth mod to the controllers at the last minute so people would hopefully reuse them instead of throwing them away. in landfills.

Google’s Stadia experience costs you nothing unless you pay for a subscription

Best case scenario: suppose you bought the Stadia Founders Edition hardware kit for $130 in 2019, played for a while Batch 2 Free, then charges $60 each border d And Cyberpunk 2077. You were a little amused and maybe a little silly when Google started offering deep discounts on software and hardware for free.

But suddenly, You have free material. Yes, Google is canceling Stadia, but you actually spent $0 on a free Chromecast Ultra, a free Bluetooth gamepad, and countless free sessions with Google’s cloud gaming PC. Google will refund everything and you can even transfer your progress from these games to a PC.

Of course, it won’t be so rosy for all customers. Anyone subscribing to Google’s Stadia Pro subscription service will not be refunded their monthly fee. Many games don’t offer game save transfer, and we’re still wondering what Google will do with Stadia exclusives Pixel Junk Raider – In this particular case, renegotiating the contract was the only thing that would allow the game to survive, Q-Games founder and CEO Dylan Cuthbert told me. edge. A recent tweet suggesting that the discussion has not yet taken place.

And while I’m glad my Stadia controller lives on as a generic Bluetooth controller, I’m a bit confused and annoyed by some of Google’s seemingly random choices. The company is only giving owners until December 31, 2023 to convert their controllers to Bluetooth — which could mean controllers stuck in a warehouse, thrift store, or deep in a closet. still becomes electronic waste.

Why doesn’t Google release a simple update app like other hardware components? And why does updating your controller to Bluetooth permanently disable the Wi-Fi radio, according to the company’s warning? I’d like to think there’s a good legal, regulatory, or economic reason, but Google won’t give it away when I ask.

Still, Stadia spokesperson Patrick Seybold confirmed that Wi-Fi is only used to connect to Stadia game servers – you don’t miss much there unless the controller receives a cool hack – and one that those who haven’t updated to Bluetooth can still connect the Can controller with a USB cable.

I don’t think I should look a cool controller in the face.

Yes, Google could have done more, but I have to commend it for what it did. There are many examples of gadgets being leaked and reduced to useless bricks. For example, I’m currently waiting to see if my Arlo Q home security cameras will succumb to this fate.

Oh, you better think we’ll always include Google Stadia in our next decade’s flops. But when we visit his plot at Google’s cemetery, we smile instead of swear. Yes, Stadia should have been a lot more, but too bad workAnd Google did everything to give him the burial he deserved.

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