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Hridita – An “unknown” film with a familiar story

Hridita – An “unknown” film with a familiar story

Kabirul is seriously ill, but is still deemed fit. His clothes are neat and his hair is cut short. Except for the last two or three scenes, there is no way to understand that he is sick. When Hridita is informed of Kabirul’s mother’s illness, the dialogue is cut off. The thrilling river fishing scenes of Hridita and Kabirul in or around Dhaka are graphically hilarious.

There are two directors of this film. MN Ispahani and Arif Al Ashraf duo whose movie name is Ispahani Arif Jahan. The director duo have a reputation for making popular films in the mayhem genre. Films they have directed include Rebel Bride, Lat Saheb’s Daughter, Sukher Swarg, Amar Buu, Nayak, Villain, Golam, Mustafa Bhai, Aslam Bhai, Matha Nasti, Gunda The Terrorist and Mission Madrid. Their attempt to make ‘Hridita’ by departing from the popular style of Bengali film production was considered a drama.

There is no cinematic arrangement in this film like the popular style of Bengali films, due to which the sense of drama is strong and the presence of background music is also less felt. The excess of “in-house” shots throughout the film is noticeable.

Pooja Cherry played the role of Hridita. As in SA Haque Olik’s film ‘Galu’, he also tried to be brilliant in this film. As much as ABM Suman seemed brilliant in Beauty Circus, Hridita’s character Kabirul didn’t. Kabirul’s mother is played by Saberi Alam Motahar. Anjuman Ara Bakul acted as Hridita’s mother and Manas Banerjee acted as the father.

As the final scenes of a tragic novel are meant to be tears, the final scenes of this film were not.

The most heartwarming aspect of this film is the story and the songs. The story is taken from the novel ‘Hridita’ written by popular fiction writer Anisul Haque. Two popular songs were written by Kabir Bakul and composed by Imran Mahmudul. Chandan Sinha and Sinthi Saha sang in the song “Thikanabehish Toke Likhbo Khar Aam Chithi”. The song has already been mentioned.

The memory of Hridita’s novel read several years ago has not faded. Hridita’s cry on a dark afternoon or a sleepless night was not found in this film. The cinematography is also simply outstanding.

May Bengali cinema win.

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