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Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad will marry by the end of the year, the actor’s family has “accepted” it

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad will marry by the end of the year, the actor’s family has “accepted” it

Mumbai: Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have been in a relationship for quite some time. The two stars have not officially acknowledged their relationship in public. But Saba is seen almost everywhere with the actor. And so Internet users have no trouble taking two by two and four. They were filmed several times as they went out for lunch. Recently, we heard that they will be getting married very soon.

Hrithik Roshan about to get married again?

Hrithik Roshan’s personal life is very much like an open book. He married Sussanne Khan shortly after entering Bollywood. Their long-term relationship broke up in 2014. They have two children. Despite the divorce, Hrithik and Sussanne share the responsibilities of the two children. No bitterness was seen in their parting. On the contrary, they are seen spending a lot of time together at different times. Additionally, Hrithik and Sussanne had an estranged relationship after their divorce. Last year, Hrithik was seen spending time alone with actress Saba Azad at a restaurant. At that time, they introduced themselves only as friends. Later, the depth of their relationship gradually became apparent. From Karn Johar’s birthday party to overseas outings, Saba has been spotted alongside Hrithik everywhere. And now we hear that he wants to give life another chance. And that’s why the lover is going to marry Saba Azad. According to sources, the Roshan family has accepted the relationship with Saba.


According to various sources, Hrithik Roshan’s family refer to Saba Azad as the actor’s good life partner. Saba has been seen spending time with the Roshan family on various occasions. Right now they are busy with their own work. And the promised work will start a new life. We hear that they will get married by the end of this year. However, no official announcement has yet been made by the two stars.

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