Huawei’s car can travel up to 120 km on just 10% charge


Huawei’s car can travel up to 120 km on just 10% charge

Naturally, you would be surprised if Huawei moved away from smartphones and started selling cars in the market. But Huawei has now truly completed the manufacture of a car, and also gained popularity by unveiling it for sale in the market.

Huawei’s car safety technology, the use of artificial intelligence and battery power were given special emphasis. Moreover, the car’s entertainment and infotainment system is quite satisfactory.

The vehicle is mainly powered by electricity. The standard and performance editions of the car hit the market this month.

One electric motor is used in the standard version car and two electric motors in the performance edition car.

This vehicle has a capacity of up to 365 kW. A presentation compared it to a Tesla car model. The car is capable of traveling up to 620 km on a single charge.

A good feature of this car is its fast charging capability. It only takes half an hour to charge from 30% to 80%. With only 10% charge, you can travel up to 120 km.

The performance edition car takes just 4.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h. This feature is quite surprising for an SUV.

The Huawei car model name is Aito Wenjie M5. The design of the car is beautiful and it is quite expensive. You can compare it with American Tesla cars.

Another eye-catching feature of Huawei’s car is the USB Type-C pad provided in the car. You can charge smartphones and laptops and complete important tasks in the car.

There’s even a large wireless display inside the car that you can use by connecting it to your smartphone or tablet.

Besides the traditional method of entering the car by opening the door, you can also open the car door by using the Bluetooth of the mobile phone or the Bluetooth of the watch or even the smartphone application.

The price of the Aito Wenjie M5 standard edition of the car is 41 thousand 500 dollars. The price will be around Rs 34 lakhs. Tech lovers are disappointed as the car will only be launched in the Chinese market. Even the English language system was not used in this car.

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