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Huge popularity! Arijit Singh Created A New Hit Record You’ll Be Proud To Hear

Huge popularity! Arijit Singh Created A New Hit Record You’ll Be Proud To Hear

Arijit Singh, of which there is no need to say more. In a word, everyone knows him. Arijit Singh is one of India’s most popular singers. Millions of people all over the world are fans of Arijit Singh. This time, he beat BTS in subscriber numbers and set a record.

People are still waiting like chatak birds to listen to Arijit’s music. People do not hesitate to spend hundreds of thousands of rupees to buy tickets to listen to his music in person. But the personality of such a great singer resembles that of an ordinary man.

He never likes anything too extravagant. In addition to his songs, people like his personality more. He also helps the people of his region Jiaganj a lot and he is also thinking of building a school there. Arijit Singh gave a concert at Ecopark this year. But this concert was cancelled. Controversy has also erupted over this.

However, there is good news. Pride of Bengali Arijit Singh sets a record in terms of popularity. He lost BTS in follower count. Arijit Singh has crossed 6 million subscribers on Global Spotify Artist Chat. At the moment, his number of subscribers is 6 crore 61 lakh. He lost not only BTS but also Eminem. Arijit Singh is predeceased by popular pop singer Justin Bieber.

Arijit Singh fans are very happy to hear this news. Incidentally, the cancellation of this popular singer’s concert in Kolkata upset his fans. But another good news. This is another Arijit Singh concert that will take place in Kolkata. However, it is not yet known where this concert will take place.

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