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Hundreds of times smarter than today’s science fiction “x=love”

Hundreds of times smarter than today’s science fiction “x=love”

X=Prem by Srijit Mukherjee was seen. If I had the opportunity to live in Calcutta, the film would have been seen a long time ago in Nandan or elsewhere. To be away late. Of course, there is an OTT platform. Otherwise, so much would have remained unseen. The name of the movie is Abhinav. Not because there is an X, there are a lot of movies that start with X, one of my favorite movies is called X Makina. Many movie names also start with X Hasant or X Das. Fancy oi = t. He is created.

The photo is in black and white, I don’t mind. Great films like Roma or The Artist are also in black and white. Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee also made black and white films in the era of color photography. But why the objection? Objection to this science fiction. X=love is not a new story, especially for a science fiction lover like me. On the contrary, the concept is quite old. Today’s science fiction is hundreds of times smarter than that. If new stories, new styles, new fictions are not seen, how many people will be addicted to eating Bengali out of old Scotch bottles!

Maybe my expectations were too high for our smart manager Sreejith. The story, the characters, the dialogues of his film are for me unreal. Science fiction only makes sense when it feels like the fiction is actually happening, and the fiction isn’t fiction. Another sad thing, at the beginning of the movie I could understand what was going to happen, Arnav would give away his memory, Khilat wouldn’t need memory anymore. Predictable images don’t drag on for long.

Even so, Srijit’s film is said. There is something good in that. How else was I able to sit up to the full picture! There have been many weird things in Bengali movies, enough fighting and killing, enough mystery stories, let science fiction come to Bengal by someone’s hand.

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