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I am happy, ashamed and sad at the same time: compelling

I am happy, ashamed and sad at the same time: compelling

Ajmeri Haq Bandhan. Photo: Collected


Ajmeri Haq Bandhan. Photo: Collected

Ajmeri Haq Bandhan. Rehana acted in Maryam Noor’s film and went to film festivals in different countries with her film. Received both awards and accolades. She won her first National Film Award for Best Actress for this film.

Famous actress Rehana Maryam Noor Bandhan spoke to The Daily Star after receiving the news of the award.

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National Film Award for the first time, if you share your feelings?

I am delighted and impressed. It is certainly a great honor. Rehana Maryam received this award for the film Noor. Thanks to the whole team. Director Saad, in particular, made the film with great care. The whole team worked hard. The National Film Awards are special to me. I am happy, ashamed and sad at the same time. Because, Rehana Maryam has honored Noor Desh in various countries including the Cannes Film Festival. The country is well known through this film. The award came in Asia-Pacific. Won the award for best actress in Spain. I got it in Hong Kong. Also honored in various places. I expected Rehana Maryam Noor to be more respected.

How happy is everyone in the house after hearing the news of the award?

Everyone at home is happy. Father and mother are happy. The daughter is also very happy. Everyone in my family is happy. The National Film Award is the highest honor of my 17-year career, everyone is happy about it.

What is the greatest achievement in the 17-year-old’s career?

Bandhan: Winning the National Film Award is definitely a great achievement. People’s love is also a great achievement. In addition, I went to the Cannes festival with the film Rehana Maryam Noor, I was appreciated there, I presented Bangladesh, I went to many countries with this film, it is also a great success for me. I have struggled a lot in life, I have never turned away from good. Always with good work.

There’s a thing called artist liability, has it increased after receiving such a big award?

To be honest, I’ve always been and am honest about my job. As I have love for my work, there is also a responsibility. It’s already the case. After receiving the award, it should be done more beautifully. I think everyone has a responsibility to art, that’s why we love art.

The recently released web series Guti continues to praise?

Guti has indeed done a good job. I am soaked in each other’s love. Sultana’s character touched everyone.

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