“I am in the medical profession, regular work is not possible at all”

“I am in the medical profession, regular work is not possible at all”

Shravania Tawhida. Presenter and model. Her cooking reality show “Sera Randhuni” has started airing on Machranga Television. Told him about the new program and other matters.

You have also presented cooking shows before. How was the experience of presenting ‘Sera Randhuni’?

I’ve hosted many cooking shows in my career, but I’ve never done such a big event. From this aspect, the experience of presenting this program is completely different. I entered through the studio tower. Many people watch the show. Every cook is an artist. Awakening female power through cooking shows. The time spent with the judges was a joy. I have shared some interesting recipes. Lucky to be part of the biggest cooking reality show in Bangladesh.

Who is your idol in presentation?

Rumana Malik Munmun. I am impressed with his presentation. There is too much to learn. I like his presence of mind and his clear accent.

You’ve been seen less in comedy lately-

Regular work is not possible at all. As more or less everyone knows, I am associated with the medical profession. Little time is spared to play. I am performing in a drama or TV show on a special day or festival.

Valentine’s Day is early. Will you be seen in a new drama?

yes Meanwhile, I acted in Valentine’s play ‘Premikara Jee Hayi’. It is directed by Mahmud Didar.

Says about opening YouTube channel-

There must be a plan. You want to decorate the YouTube channel with something different about sports and entertainment content. I take time for that. I will be able to give details on this at the beginning of the new year.

What’s busy right now?

Introducing “Sashya Katha” by Machranga, “Amar Sapna Amar Ghar” by Channel 24, “Sera Parivar” by NTV and “PhonoLive Studio Concert” by My TV. I will appear in the next BPL event. The first week will be busy with the best cook. I will be seen at the BPL event after a week.

What are your expectations for the new year?

I’ve been busy with a lot of things over the past year. It ends with a great reality TV show. I hope next year will be better.

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