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I am not religious, religious: Ahmed Sharif


I am not religious, religious: Ahmed Sharif

Ahmed Sharif is the legendary actor of Dhaka cinema. Acting in films since 1972. He has acted in over eight hundred Bengali films. Although he was successful as a villain, he also impressed audiences by playing different roles in many movies. Currently living permanently in New York, USA with his family. He recently returned home.

After returning from America, the actor opened up about various aspects of his life in a private chat with national media. Where his colorful career, his expatriate life, the pain of losing his deceased colleagues, the story of his achievements and his lack of success and many unknown facts came to light.

In the beginning, Ahmed Sharif used to say that the sweetest and most beautiful period of human life is childhood. In childhood there is no sin, no wrongdoing, no curse of good and evil; This childhood will not come back to me. In my opinion, childhood is the best period of human life.

Talking about how he spends his days in America, he said that when I was in the movie world, I left at 8 or 9 in the morning to go to the FDC. It was 1 or 1:30 a.m. to get home. When the sun rose, when it set, I understood nothing; I was immersed in work. The weather was very busy. Going abroad, this agitation ceased. At first it was quite difficult to adapt, it still is. I have absolutely no job in America. To pass the time, I regularly read newspapers, watch television and read books.

Ahmed Sharif added: “What I am most happy to say is that when I was struggling to pass the time, Allah showed me a way.” I started reading the Quran Sharif. I thought, now a long time ago, I will read some Bengali Quran Sharif, see what Allah says. I was so impressed that I finished reading 10 paragraphs in one day. I started to like it a lot and I learned a lot.

Addressing the fans, he said, I am not afraid of religion, I am devoted to religion. I ask everyone, you must read Quran Sharif. You will get peace of your soul, you will know many things.

It should be noted that Ahmed Sharif started his journey as a hero in Bengali films, but he found success as a villainous actor. During a long career of almost 50 years, he starred in more than eight hundred films. His notable films include Arunoday’s Agnisakshi, Denmohar, Tin Kanya, Banduk etc.

Ahmed Sharif dreamed of creating the Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Fulfil your dreams. He was the first Secretary General when the Bangladesh Film Artists Association was established in 1984. After that, this talented actor served as Secretary General for two more terms and as President for four terms.

(Dhaka Times/October 29/LM)

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