I am speechless, stunned: Bappa Majumdar


I am speechless, stunned: Bappa Majumdar

Eric Clapton. He is considered the best in the guitar world. He was ranked second among the 100 greatest guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. It goes without saying that many guitarists around the world follow him.

Bappa Majumder, the famous musician from Bangladesh, is also one of these followers. He cherishes Eric Clapton as a guitar guru. So Bappa feels blessed to have the most beloved guitarist’s autograph. He said so candidly in his Facebook post.

On Wednesday August 31, Bappa Majumder posted several photos on Facebook. We can see that he looks at his favorite guitar with wonder and joy. The main content is clear in the caption.

Bappa wrote: “Guru Eric Clapton’s signature on my Fender Strat (an electric guitar model)! I’m speechless, I’m stunned!

Expressing his feelings, Bappa said his close friends Shahan Kabandh, Imran Asif and Chaiti gave him this wonderful gift. Seeing Bappa’s boundless love for Eric Clapton, they gave him such a surprise.

By the way, Shahan Kabandha told the Bangla Tribune, “We knew Dada was a blind Eric Clapton fan. Basically from there I took this initiative to surprise him. After many trips, on August 22, Bappa Dar’s guitar arrives in the hands of Eric Clapton in the United States. He signed it. On August 31, the guitar returned to Dhaka. And Bappa da got it and just sat with his hands on his head. I have never seen Dada so surprised.

The voice of the ‘Dalchhoot’ star also said the same to Bangla Tribune: ‘I still don’t believe it. It’s the best achievement of my life.

Incidentally, Bappa Majumder, who grew up in a musical family, started his career as a guitarist. He performed with famous artists of the country. Later in 1995, this talented musician made his debut as a singer. I am speechless, stunned: Bappa Majumdar

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