“I became a fan of Brazil because I became a fan of Pelé”


“I became a fan of Brazil because I became a fan of Pelé”

In our childhood, we had no such news about the World Cup. Then there was television or radio. Then when I grew up, I read the newspapers, then I read the World Cup news. As soon as we read this news, we became fans of Pelé. I became a fan of Brazil because I became a fan of Pelé. And since then, I’m stuck in Brazil, I’m stuck, and I haven’t moved. I’m a royal brazil supporter!

I always like to watch football matches. I try to watch the game often. Now watch the newspapers and TV news. It looks like this World Cup will be a good fight. This time the teams won’t let anyone down. As a team, Brazil and Argentina are on one side, and England-France-Germany on the other. Apart from this, there are many other groups. These groups are also strong.

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All in all, it will be a tough fight. Brazil if I lose, Brazil if I win. But even if I’m a fan of Brazil, my children are fans of Argentina. When Brazil-Argentina played each other, there were a lot of people that day. Argentinian Messi’s game is good, he plays very well. My children, they are the next generation, they represented Maradona, they grew up watching him play. The first game shows then began. So they are all fans of Argentina!

Seeing themselves in front, everyone became a supporter of each team. When we sit together to watch a match, there is a lot of bickering and if it’s a Brazil-Argentina match, then it’s not safe for us to watch it together! During the game, we are each other’s absolute enemy!

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