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I can’t imagine how Shakib denied it: Bubli


I can’t imagine how Shakib denied it: Bubli

On the occasion of the birthday of popular Dhakai film actress, Shabnam Bubli, a movie was made on social media about the gift of the diamond knuckle. First, Bubli said it was a gift from Shakib Khan, then a social media war started between Shakib Khan’s ex and current wife over the issue.
And then it got worse after Shakib Khan’s statement.

Shakib Khan told the media that he gave Bubli a gift, that Bubli can receive a handful of diamonds as a gift. Why 1, you can get 10. He has relatives and friends. But I want to reassure everyone – I didn’t offer him any kind of diamond knuckle. To be honest, I have no contact with him. No gifts or wishes from me. Even if he writes to me or I write to him for the needs of the child, it is only what is necessary with regard to Shehzad, there is no question of anything other than that.

Apu’s loud message about getting Bubli’s “Hirar Nakful” and Shakib Khan’s subsequent denial made her very uncomfortable.

However, Bubli gave the reply to Apu’s post in the next post. And this time he also responded to Shakib’s words

Bubli spoke to the media about the diamond giveaway, I was surprised to see Shakib Khan’s interview. The way he made the statement in the interview, it’s very insulting to me. Because the statement he made on the birthday present, how he could deny it on something so artistic, I can’t think of.

However, he claimed that the third party is fueling this problem.

He said, third party status for a few days, if you think deeply about Shakib’s statement today, you will understand that. Such behavior of Shakib Khan is suspected. I suspect a third party has fuel here. There may also be pressure on Shakib Khan from him. Whether or not these are preparations for his previous relationship with Shakib Khan is also a matter of reflection.

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