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I could also have won a National Award for a film: Joy

I could also have won a National Award for a film: Joy

Shahriar Nazim Joy, started out as an actor but gained popularity through presenting. But after a long time, he focused on acting again. He talked about current engagements and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

What’s it like to come back to the game after a long time?

** Of course, it feels good. I have been doing theater since childhood, theater is in my blood. Failure of those who could not use me. I think the people who use me really deserve the credit. I know the game, so it’s the responsibility of the producers to use me.

* Don’t you think you could have done a better job if you hadn’t stopped acting?

** This is not the case. I didn’t work for a long time, but I didn’t sit down. I thought of myself. I did some research. I tried to break myself. There were errors, I tried to correct them. Following which my current state is today.

* What is the audience response to your featured web series airing on OTT?

**When I first performed in a play, I was getting a lot of calls when the play aired. I also received small messages. I haven’t received any phone calls or messages to take action for many years. While working in OTT, I was reborn in the acting arena. I receive love from people like in the good old days. To be honest, I did not expect to receive so many compliments. I am impressed by such a response.

* Criticism is also done, how do you take it?

** Let those who criticize be like me, then speak. Anyone can criticize. Now the National Film Award is also being criticized. I could have won a prize for one of my films called “Kamala Sundari”, but I didn’t. If so, he would have been criticized. So I say, if you read the reviews, it won’t work. I have to work

* I see the enthusiasm of many people about OTT. It seems that particular importance is given to this medium. What are you saying?

** OTT is the most advanced platform in the world today. The budget here is high. The writers and artists here are all professionals. Thanks to this, a lot of research is done to create a character. For example, I played the role of Salim in the series ‘Guti’. This is the result of a study. Overall, the work of OTT is the result of much research and effort and deserves special emphasis.

* Any news from the work in the film?

**Both films have been verbally confirmed. I can’t say because I haven’t confirmed in writing yet. But soon I will work in a film.

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