I did not give an opinion, even brahmastra flop! After his release from prison, KRK recovered


I did not give an opinion, even brahmastra flop! After his release from prison, KRK recovered

bangladeshi the pulpit: Kamal R Khan has given up his job as a film critic, but Kamal R Khan hasn’t stopped hitting Bollywood with his words. He got out of jail a few days ago. He went to jail for his own fault. KRK was arrested for two old tweets. He remained calm for some time after being released. Now KRK is back to its old form.

Recently, he posted a tweet criticizing “Brahmastra” and producer Karan Johar. According to him, Brahmastra failed at the box office. But Karan can’t blame him anymore. Because he hasn’t seen the film again.

In the tweet, KRK wrote, “I didn’t give a Brahmastra review, nor did I go to see the movie.” As a result, he failed miserably. I hope Karan Johar will not blame me for this failure like other Bollywood people.

Surprisingly, Brahmastra did quite well in a week. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s star Brahmastra earned a total of Rs 170 crore at the Indian box office across all languages. And this movie reached 300 crores at the worldwide box office.

Incidentally, KRK tweeted some weird things after his release from prison. A few days ago, he claimed he only survived in the water for 10 days in the dungeon. His weight has therefore decreased by 10 kg. KRK’s response to the tweet sparked laughter online.

One of them was surprised and asked, is it possible to lose 10 kg weight in 10 days even if you work hard and only eat water? Is this possible in medical science? Another person shared a photo of KRK and wrote, 8kg left. Keep it under control.

In a new tweet, KRK wrote: “I am thinking of joining a political party very soon”. Because the country must be a leader, not an actor, to stay safe. Many also suggested that he join different political parties.

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