I did not see the initiative with the production house campaign: Simon


I did not see the initiative with the production house campaign: Simon

Actor Simon Sadiq hasn’t had a new movie in almost four years. But the long wait for fans is soon coming to an end. The National Film Award-winning actor’s new movie “Live” premieres September 9th.

The teaser for ‘Live’ directed by Shamim Ahmed Roni has already been released. Where Simon’s looks and acting created quite a discussion. The 1 minute 48 second teaser was full of tension. It features Mahia Mahi opposite Simone. There is also Adar Azad.

Regarding ‘Live’, Simon told UNB, ‘After a long time the new movie came out, so the feeling is a bit more. The film is based on a contemporary story. I hope the audience will enjoy it from this place.

Sharing his acting experience in the film, this hero also said, “We try to add a new experience in every film. In this film, I will be seen in a 16-minute scene. It’s all in one take. There have been many such experiences. I worked hard.’

The movie is still lagging behind in terms of promotion even though “Live” is discussed on social media. Simon is somewhat disappointed with this. In this context, he said, “Promotion is very important for a film. Recently, we have understood this better. But I’m a little upset about the promotion of my new movie. I did not see the initiative of the production company with the campaign. But I’m pretty optimistic about the movie. I will advertise as much as possible from home.

Simon Sadiq recently signed a new film contract. Zakir Hossain Raju will direct the film titled “Chadar” with government funding from the FDC. The Simon-Bubli pair will be seen on screen for the first time.

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“Beauty Circus” will be released on September 23.

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