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I didn’t go viral showing my body: Subha


I didn’t go viral showing my body: Subha

Entertainment Office: Humaira Subha is Dhakai’s new film actress. The word “viral” is closely associated with it. Various incidents from his personal life have already gone viral. But this time he’s in the discussion for a different reason. His film ‘Basant Bickel’ was released recently.

Subha has repeatedly been confronted with questions about going “viral”. The heroine expressed her anger about this.

Subha said, now I have gone viral for the movie. Because it’s my first film. I worked hard for this film.

He also said that when I went viral earlier, I didn’t go viral showing off my body. I went viral with tears in my eyes highlighting the real facts. People want to spend money, show off their bodies, wear hot dresses and go viral. But that is not possible.

The heroine adds, if people like me, like me, follow me – then tell me what should I do?

Urging everyone to watch ‘Basant Bickel’, Subha said: Good luck everyone. Everyone is going to see ‘Vasant Bickel’. I hope you will like my performance.

Incidentally, actor Shipon Mitra joined Subha in ‘Basant Bickel’ directed by Rafiq Sikdar. Apart from this, Omar Sani, Shahnoor, Sucharita, Tanveer Tanu, Shiva Sanus and many more have played different roles. Renowned filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury plays a special role. Actor Aman Reza and actress Tanha Tasnia are in guest roles.

Popular actress Shruti Haasan brings a big surprise

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