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I didn’t know people would think so much: Oishi


I didn’t know people would think so much: Oishi

Jannatul Ferdous Aishir made her Dhallywood debut as the heroine of Arifin Shubo. The name of the movie is “Mission Extreme”. In the second part of this police action film, the Shubo-Aishi pair are also present; This is called the black war”. Not only that, in another movie titled “Noor,” they enjoyed their chemistry.

Needless to say, they developed a good working relationship. But whether it is purely professional or has a personal touch, this question sometimes creeps into the viewer’s mind. A few days ago, Oishi posted two photos taken with Shubo. Seeing this image and caption, many people started saying that they brought real life chemistry to real life!

Is this really the case? Bangla Tribune contacted Oishi to find out. He laughs. Because he considers Arifin Shubo as his mentor or tutor.

Oishi said, “If I had given a photo of my favorite girl, then this question wouldn’t have arisen. They say he kidnaps a beloved man. A man and a woman do not necessarily mean a romantic relationship, but a good relationship. He is like my mentor. That’s what I always say, everywhere.

Aishee had quoted a line from an English song in the caption of the image. There is an interesting story behind it. Oishi said, “A lot of people don’t know it’s a song. I didn’t write it with (good) intentions for him. This legend can be written mainly about loved ones. Now why is it (good) my favorite? I’ve worked with many seniors, if the juniors make a mistake or if a shot is lost because of the junior then they don’t want to give another shot. But Shubo Bhai is an exception, I happened to give NG (No Good) blows eight to ten times, even after that he did cold blows again; And gave me courage. I have a lot of respect for Shubo Bhai for various reasons like this.

Oishi said, he tried to give the caption in accordance with the image. In the case of this photo, he thought of apples! He commented: “In this picture you can see an apple in my hand. I always try to caption the image. So I thought, what can be captioned with this apple. Later I thought, why so much thought! This song is the ringtone of my telephone, I give a few lines of it. Little did we know people would think about it so much now. Of course, I don’t care, because there’s nothing like it here.

Incidentally, Shubo-Aishi’s “Black War” will be released on January 6 in the new year. It is jointly led by Sani Sanwar and Faisal Ahmed. On the other hand, ‘Noor’ is directed by Raihan Rafi. It was submitted once to the Board of Censorship, but was not cleared because it was incomplete. A while back, producer Rafi said he would submit the film soon. After that, no further updates to this image were released. Jannatul Ferdous Oishi

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