I didn’t think I should marry Bandhan: Joy

I didn’t think I should marry Bandhan: Joy

Evening has fallen in the rainy city. The streetlights are on. On such a humid evening, the netizen’s eyes were glued to actor and presenter Shahriar Nazim Joy’s Facebook post. He gave a photo with actress Ajmeri Haque Bandhan. But what he wrote in the first part of the caption is surprising.

Jai and Bandhan are both smiling in the photo. However, there is another person with them, it is producer Shankh Dasgupta. Let’s look at the first line of the legend. Joy wrote, “I never thought Bandhan would be married and have kids!

After that, the actor clarified the issue. Said, ‘Ghatak Redwan Roni Bhai and Charki. Sankh Dasgupta from marriage. The web series arrives at the end of the year. Conch is a great builder. Bandhan is an international actress. And I can be called lucky. That’s all I said. Charki and Shankh Dasgupta will surely make people of two Bengals watch this web series of extraordinary stories.

Shahriar Nazim Joy has been contacted about this. He told many things to the Bengali Tribune. However, he kept the name of the web series a secret. It will be announced from Charki in time.

Joy comments, “We will start filming from September 25th. Rehearsals are in full swing now. It is a series of seven episodes. The director has arranged a great story-script. And the best performers of that time will be seen with us.

Bandhan was in India for a while due to his work. There he worked in a film named ‘Khufia’ produced by Vishal Bharadwaj. After completing this work, he returned to Dhaka on September 5. After that, he joined the rehearsal of the web series.

Meanwhile, expectations and doubts about winning the series are sky high. He said, ‘If I can do it right then I will become Amitabh Bachchan, otherwise I will be caught!’

Incidentally, earlier Shahriar Nazim Joy was seen in Charki’s “Floor Number 7” web series. There he played the role of a policeman. The series was well received by the public.

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