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“I didn’t want to miss the opportunity”

“I didn’t want to miss the opportunity”

actress Moushumi Hamid Starring ‘Hudson’s Gun’ is playing in cinemas. The actress recently returned from filming another movie titled “Japit Jiban.” Shooting another movie called ‘Rang Bazar’. All in all, Moushumi is having a busy time. He talks about this work bustle…

How is the response to the movie “Hudson’s Gun”?

The film was shot a long time ago. I forgot the filming experience. The film was completed in 2016. Even with the release of the film, there was confusion. After many years, he finally saw the light. 80 minutes of the 96-minute film are uncle-bhagini scenes. The two embarked on a mission to retrieve the weapon. Here I played the role of Bhagini. As it is a detective film, the public appreciates it very much. Those who have seen Mukti’s film say so.

Even after the film was released, there was no publicity…

Hmmm, not really a campaign. But the campaign might have attracted more viewers. Tell me what to do, since November 27, I have been working on the film ‘Yapit Jiban’ outside Dhaka. This is why it was not possible to participate in the promotion of the film. I returned to Dhaka on December 5 after finishing filming. I went back there as much as possible.

He doesn’t do a lot of movies. Suddenly joined the “living life”?

There are several reasons to join this film. The film is made from the novel by famous fiction writer Selina Hossain. The maker is Habibul Islam Habib, father of actress Bhavna, a close friend. To think is also to act in it. And to work with Afzal Bhai in this film is a great opportunity in the history of the score and the language movement. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to work with a great artist like him. On the contrary, there is no reason not to act in the film.

Recently, he played the role of a drug dealer in the movie “Rang Bazar”. How difficult is the character?

I’m still looking for this character. I worked hard to portray the character of ‘Kavita’ in the film. The whole scene was shot in a sex park. I had to mingle with the people of this village. It is difficult to shoot in such places.

Which team do you support in this World Cup?

I am definitely an Argentina fan. But I also appreciate the good performances of others in the World Cup.

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