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I don’t have time to listen to these words: Mithila

I don’t have time to listen to these words: Mithila

Entertainment desk: Actress Rafiat Rashid Mithila has a busy time all year due to her work. At different times of the year, I have to stay out of the country to work. For some time now, news of Mithila and Srijit Mukherjee’s family breakup has been floating around in showbiz. This rumor is mainly based on two social media posts from the star couple. Mithila was busy with her daughter in Bangkok and was filming in Mumbai when the split rumors were high.


But later, Mithila called this rumor “false”. He returned to the question. He gave a message of his love to Srijit. Mithila-Srijith has spent the current year away due to work. Referring to this, says Mithila, this year has been spent apart from Srijit and me. When I arrived in Calcutta, the house was very empty except for Srijit. So I don’t have time to listen to these words.

Earlier, Mithila posted a message in English on her Instagram. Whose Bengali Tarzma Belongs – How Do You Know Love Is True? How do you know if it’s beautiful? How far you will go to find this answer, you will know in advance that it is not there. On the other hand, Srijit Mukherjee released a song on the same day. Of which Bengali Tarzma stands – there is no need for anger, there is no need for blame. There is nothing to prove. All are the same. A single tree is alone on the beach. By the sea. Goodbye Angelina. The sky trembles. I have to say goodbye now.

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Then, Internet users did not hesitate to match two by two and four. It was then, roughly, that the couple’s split rumors began. Regarding the photos and statuses posted on social media, Mithila said that the past few days have been extremely hectic in office work. Suddenly I see a lot of people sending messages. And the photo is from a photo shoot of me, it looks like the photo will go well with this writing. Also, the Bob Dylan song that Sreejit gave is a favorite song of Sreejit and me.

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