“I got married after a divorce, my ex also got married”


“I got married after a divorce, my ex also got married”

National cinema-winning musical artist Nazmun Munira Nancy married lyricist Mohsin Mehdi in a familial arrangement last year. This artist became the mother of a third daughter in June this year. This artist has been the subject of many sarcasms from Internet users on social networks for having founded a third family. Be the victim of “dirty” comments. In addition, the question of why the family breaks up again and again is also raised.

This singer has always openly commented on general personal matters. He also explained why the second marriage broke up. Nancy came to Facebook Live on Saturday night. At this time, he talks about various problems of the current world, including the reasons for the breakup of the previous family.

At the start of the live, Nancy said – ‘I’ve been hearing these questions for a long time. But my husband (Mehdi) doesn’t like it. He thinks personal life and artistic life are two different things. But some people are so interested that it is impossible to answer some questions.

Explaining the reason for the previous breakup, Nancy said, “My ex, who is the father of my child; He respects me as I respect him. But when we feel that we are missing somewhere in life, we decide to separate. And we made that decision knowingly. I’m married and living with my family and my ex lives alone — that’s what a lot of people think! For their information, my ex is also happily married. With whom he was in love for a long time, married him. They built a house with love.

Nancy’s ex-husband Zayed with the bride

Nancy is lovingly married to lyricist Mohsin Mehdi. In this regard, he said, “I married Mehdi for love. I think there is a difference between love and romance. Love is much deeper than romance. I have great confidence in Mehndi. We are getting married from this place of trust and love. By the grace of God, we also have a daughter.

Many people think that Nancy is much younger than Mehdi. But Nancy dismissed this information and said: “I am 9 years younger than Mehdi. I think being so small is perfect. It makes travel easier.

Nancy said last March that she was no good in the third world. There were no less discussions about it. So he talked about how he is in family life with Mehdi. Nancy said, “I’m fine, I’m happy in today’s world. But my problem is that I’m too emotional. That’s why I have a hard time reading people’s comments.

“People who don’t contribute to my life, who don’t even know me. But he wrote a comment on Facebook. How can they actually make such comments? I used to get frustrated with these things. All of this had an impact on my personal and family life. I think I overcame this crisis to some extent.” added Nancy.

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