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I hate when an artist is belittled


I hate when an artist is belittled

He is a leading actor in television series. Fan-viewers dubbed him the “king of romantic dramas.” Doing the hard work of maintaining your position and your image for a long time is very easy. He is none other than Ziaul Farooq Apurba. He has a career spanning 17 years. During this time, acting, personality, voice, patience, perseverance, hard work took him to another height. Astha is loved by audiences as well as creators and producers. While the domestic audience is addicted to Hindi soap operas, Apoorba has created the audience for Bengali dramas with the magic of his acting. Apurba’s role behind the drama industry’s current good standing is undeniable. Besides acting, this actor has always fought hard for the industry and the people in the industry.

Yesterday I spoke to this TV superstar at the Uttara shooting house. You are unstoppable in the theater world. Viewers and people involved in the drama think there is no alternative to Apurba. What do you think? In response, he said, I don’t believe there is no alternative. Because nothing stops for anyone. Even so, those who think this do so with love, I also try to return the love of the public through my work. You are called the king of romantic dramas.

How important is it? Apurba laughs and says, it is a title given by the audience. I may have met audience expectations to some extent with romantic dramas. I salute their love and respect. Is it difficult to maintain the image for so many years? Apoorva says, I work with the audience in mind. Never any dialogues or scenes hurting the public. I still adhere to it and I will continue to do so. In addition, I am great for the public, it is my responsibility to respect their expectations. What do you think of the current state of the drama? The actor’s response is that things are going great now. The condition of the artists is also good. It took time, patience, decisions to get to this stage. Although now the negative aspects of the drama may be highlighted, there is more talk about it. But the good drama is happening. All the dramas I have done have exceeded 60-62 million views on YouTube. There are a lot of story-based dramas.

Also, comedy or other types of dramas are also accepted by the audience. Otherwise, the producers would not have invested in these dramas. And there are also courses in the public. Every viewer likes to watch some type of drama. Everyone openly acknowledges your role in bringing the industry to this point. What do you think? Apoorva said, I didn’t just think about myself, I thought about the industry. For this reason, I also asked to increase the remuneration of all the people concerned, including the theater, the artists. If an artist from the country is belittled, it hurts me. Because I hold this place in me. Maybe not everyone does. This is how I want to work for the industry and its employees for as long as I can.

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