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I have loved you countless times:

I have loved you countless times:

‘I have loved you countless times. Even every moment spent with you feels new to me like the first’ is how film heroine Dhakai Vidya Sinha Mim expressed her love for her husband Soni Poddar.

Vidya Sinha Mim married banker Soni Poddar on January 4, 2022 after six years of secret love. As such, Wednesday (January 4) is their first wedding anniversary. Mim expressed her love by sharing some photos with her husband on the social network Facebook on their wedding anniversary.

The actress, who won the National Film Award there, wrote that a year of marriage passed in the blink of an eye. Although eight years of love, it seems that we only met on this day.

Mim wrote to her husband: “May our life be so beautiful, sweet and new. Always keep me like this. Happy first wedding anniversary, my love!

Mim said they were staying in Dubai to commemorate the special wedding anniversary day. Earlier, they traveled to Dubai from Dhaka on Thursday (December 29). Soni and Mim are accompanied by their family members. There they celebrate Thirteenth Night and the New Year.

Mim also shared several photos from there on the thirty-first night. The actress can be seen celebrating her thirteenth night with her husband Soni in front of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Members of their family were also present with them. In caption of the photo, the actress wished everyone a new year.

Before going to Dubai, Mim said that we were going on a tour to Dubai mainly for the wedding anniversary. Sony gives me this surprise on the occasion of my first wedding anniversary. Since Thirtyfirst also falls in between, I will also be attending New Years Eve celebrations in Dubai.

It is known that Mim-Soni and others will return to Dhaka on January 8 after a 10-day visit. Mim will fly to Kolkata the next day after returning home. Because the work for his new movie is happening there.

Directed by Dhaka filmmaker Sanjay Samdar, the film is called “Manush”. He stars alongside Tollywood superstar, Jeet. Mim has already participated in the filming of the film. Filming for the new batch will begin from January 10.

Incidentally, ‘Manush’ will be Mim’s second film starring Jeet. Previously, they starred together in the movie “Sultan the Savior”.

Bangladesh time: 0922 hours, 04 January 2023

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