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I have never changed color: Sparkling


I have never changed color: Sparkling

Shakib Khan recently spoke daily in Bangladesh about his family and personal life. The question of his wife, actress Shabnam Bubli, comes with relevance. This time, Bubli openly expressed his position regarding his personal life and Shakib’s comments. spoke to him- Chamchoul the right Russell

You said no one lives for divorce, you’re fine. On the other hand, Shakib Khan said the relationship was in the wrong place. Your comment on this?

See, at this point in life today, I feel like I can’t tell you much about personal life, go to many TV channels and reveal everything. So, over the past seven years, I have led many people to misunderstand many things. I kept silent just to keep my private life a secret and not to speak disrespectfully to anyone else. And many people have used it as a tool. Because exposing everything would have discredited a lot of people on a lot of topics, I never wanted that. And by using it, they try to put me down. I will say all the same that I never married nor had children to leave my place. Of course, I always try to be happy after accepting a lot of things for a family, a beautiful family. Because separation never brings anything good.

Chakib to eat that too said children due to a lot the truth disclosure TO DO box Nope A the truth Actually What?

In fact, we must first respect each other the mother of the child or the father of the child. Then the baby. If there is no mutual respect between the parents, it will affect the child. So I don’t talk about a lot of things because I respect Shakib Khan as my husband, as the father of my child and as a colleague. In fact, we all have personal lives outside of the movie world, everyone will be interested in the personal lives of media personalities. But nothing more is good. Many people overdo it, maybe because of his arrogance and disgust, he made such comments about me. You see, Shakib Khan’s contribution to our film industry cannot be forgotten. He has worked hard for 20 years, brought many successful cinemas to the public, made the owners of theaters smile. Entertaining audiences, working day and night, unable to give family time – just thinking about the movie, thinking about the audience. The way that person’s personal life is practiced, their professional life is not practiced.

Chakib said people recognize he Wrong did, Something Wrong people with mix you What this Wrong people a?

You see, human life is very special. No one knows what happens when. Time makes everything clear, time also tells who is right and who is wrong. The moment when one feels the best, another moment feels the worst. Time and circumstances are partly responsible for this. So who thinks what when is entirely a matter of personal opinion.

complaint has, you Chakib the enemies with hand together this publish before bring

It’s very sad. Because I never said anything to belittle Shakib Khan or insult him, accuse him or disrespect him. Or have never done anything like it. Suddenly taunting him, insulting him, suddenly praising him, firing him, firing him again and gossiping about him, so I never changed my complexion. I wanted our son’s problem to go well, which he had to wait two and a half years. But I don’t know why it wasn’t happening…even when I posted the baby bump picture, did I complain about it? Didn’t… neglect much. On the contrary, no matter how much I suffered, I tried to be by her side at all times. Did I complain to him even with the baby bump picture? Overlooking a lot of things, I always wish him good luck.

Chakib to eat said not month he somebody with Communication doesn’t then dad as he How? ‘Or’ What responsibility keeping have you?

I never really wanted to talk about these things, but he brings them up himself. I have the same question, it means that he did not fulfill any responsibilities as a father during these nine months. Then he said he thought of the child first! Look, I didn’t want to talk about those things. Because the water is muddy, talking back and forth increases the conversation. So I said we were fine. I stayed a long year in a place like America where there was the most Corona impact during Corona. There, from the state of pregnancy and childbirth – then fighting with the milk baby, I managed to come back alive. So I’ll do my best to keep the baby healthy for the rest of the days, God willing.

Hero mother as responsibility keeping you How many Successful?

I do my best to keep my son healthy. Even I work myself and take care of all the financial responsibilities for me and my son. I never depended on him or pressured him for financial support. If he’s trying to do something with his family in mind, that’s another matter. But those who comment thinking that I’m taking a lot from him financially shouldn’t have that misconception. It hurts me a lot when some people say things like that without knowing it. That’s why I said at the beginning, a lot of people use my silence as an opportunity.

Chakib by khan with a lot with the heroine different a tissue Controversial listen going wife as Things you How? ‘Or’ What see?

These debates come to my ears. When I was asked about these things, when they said it wasn’t true, then I believed it. Because his word is important to me and I believe him. As Shehzad’s wife, mother and colleague, I am always by his side. At the end of the day, I want it to be with good deeds, good thoughts.

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