“I have no interest in playing”


“I have no interest in playing”

Shanta Jahan is one of the few presenters working in the entertainment industry in Bangladesh. It progresses gradually for smooth performance.

In addition to various reality shows, this presenter regularly makes presentations on television and on stage.

In the first phase of Corona, the reality show “Banglar Gayen” was organized by RTV. The second season of “Bengal Gain” will start again in this sequence. As usual, Shanta Jahan, one of Bangladesh’s famous presenters, will also present this season.

Shanta said that currently the selection process for this reality show is ongoing. Soon the round of the studio tour will begin. And since then you will be busy with the new reality show. In this context, Shanta said, I sincerely express my gratitude for keeping me associated with the Gayen of Bengal. I’m proud of myself for having so much confidence in myself. As a presenter, I always do my best to put on a show, whether it’s a reality show or a stage show; As aesthetic as possible. I tried to do it in the first season of Bangla Gayen, so they trusted me and put me back. I also feel honored as a presenter.

You used to act, why can’t we see you here? In response to such a question, Shanta said, I think there is no freedom in action. Here, an artist works hard but the artist does not receive the just reward. Whether senior or junior. An example of two or three people is never a true picture. Maybe some people figure out their pay after holding a position. But few artists can do that. That’s why I’m not very interested in playing. I am comfortable in presentation.

Shanta’s inspiration for the presentation was Sharmeen Lucky. He used to follow Farzana Brownia at one point to speak very fluently. In 2012, his presentation started with the presentation of the program ‘Sonar Bangla’. But he wants to act. In this case, it is also important to like the scenario and the character.

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