I heard a lot of taunts for the character: Moonmoon


I heard a lot of taunts for the character: Moonmoon

the moon 1997 to 2003. This heroine had a turbulent time in Dhaliwood for only 6 years. As popular as it was charged. Although he didn’t care, he suddenly moved to the UK in 2003. This was the heroine’s first chapter.

Munmun was not found in this sense for about 20 years. Finally, he will begin the second chapter of his career from October. Where he has changed one hundred percent. Former Dhaka Talkies viewers are surprised to see this. Munmun appears as a villain for the first time. The name of the movie is ‘Raagi’. Directed by Mizanur Rahman Mizan.

The film has been talked about for a long time. Some unofficial posters are also released. There is a positive public response to them. Recently, Munmun was seen in another poster. Where it can be seen, the heroine looks with a terrible look with a knife in front of her face.

Although he surprised netizens with “Raagi,” he was found on the phone on Saturday (September 10) with his ever-familiar smiling voice. Munmun spoke to Bengali Tribune about the film’s poster, its release and his experience working in the film. He said the movie will hit theaters next October. However, due to the conditions, he cannot tell the precise date. The official announcement will be made shortly at a press conference.

Munmun acts as the villain and heroine in the movie ‘Raagi’. Having never worked in such a role before, he said, “When I was cast as the villain in this movie, I must have heard a lot of taunts. They couldn’t accept that I was a bad guy. They said bad women movies have never been shown in this country, won’t be shown. Again, I’ve always worked as a hero, not a villain. After hearing those words, a stubbornness pressed within me, I accepted the job as a challenge.

Munmun said the film’s producer gave him courage in this difficult job. After filming began, it didn’t take long for people around to change their minds. He commented, “I went to shoot on the first day and saw dialogue full of pages. As a heroine, I have never given such dialogues before. But those who said I can’t, after seeing the show, they enjoyed it.

Recent Moon Moon Regarding the story of ‘Ragi’, Munmun said, “The story is amazing. Audiences will laugh, cry and get angry watching the movie. kind of action films that Shakib Khan does. It will bring a new trend in the films of the country.

Munmun feels he got the feeling of his golden age working in this movie. He said: “The filmmaker made the movie big. Budget or time did not compromise on anything. That’s why after a long time I felt that I was working in cinema. Although I worked in a few films, I didn’t have the cinematic feel at the time.

Munmun also expressed his enthusiasm for the revival of the country’s cinema. He commented that the hit of recent movies is “Andhkar Ghara Ek Chillte Alo”. Munmun’s comment, ‘The movie was not running on it, the theater was closed for a long time due to Corona. Now the movies are doing well, it’s a positive thing for the whole industry. Accordingly, the number of films will increase, filming will increase. Heroes and heroines only make one or two films a year. But those who work in small or skilled roles, their earnings are limited. If the shooting of the film increases, they will also be able to earn a living.

Abir Chowdhury, Anchal Ankhi and Moumita Mau star in the movie ‘Raagi’. Produced by Zakera Khatun Jaya, the film will be presented by Jazz Multimedia.

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