I just gave, couldn’t take: Subha


I just gave, couldn’t take: Subha

Entertainment desk: The much talked about film ‘Basant Bickel’ will be released tomorrow Friday (October 21). And new actress Shah Humaira Subhar is going to make her big screen debut through this movie. The premiere of ‘Basant Bickel’ was held at the Screening Room of Bangladesh Film Archive in Agargaon, capital city on Wednesday (October 19th). At the end of the show, actress Subha was overwhelmed with love from the audience.

The actress has been a strong campaigner for the film for quite some time now. Expressing her feelings, Subha said seeing everyone’s love for me is a dream come true. I got the results of two years of work. Everyone who saw my film liked it. Seeing everyone’s excitement, a smile appeared on their faces. At that time, his mother Sufia was at Subha’s side. Looking at her mother, the heroine said, her mother wanted me to be a heroine on the big screen. Today my dream also came true, my mother’s dream also came true. She kept crying after seeing my picture. And I was looking for it like crazy.

By the way, the mother’s face also had a peaceful smile after seeing her daughter on the big screen after many hardships. He said, I can’t express this feeling with words. My eyes were just watery. I was always by his side (Subha) during filming and dubbing. It’s good to see him on the big screen. The heroine’s mom adds, I told Subha, whatever mom tells you, you will keep playing. You will never stop acting. If someone says something negative to you, you will consider it a blessing. Subha’s dream is my dream. Today, both of our dreams came true.

Subha is seen as an ideal lover in ‘Basant Bickel’. However, in the cruel irony of fate, he was unlucky to have the person he loves. She was forced to tear the love bond and put a garland around another person’s neck. Referring to the character on screen and in real life, the heroine said, “I have a spirit of sacrifice in real life too.” I just gave, I couldn’t take anything.

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It should be noted that Subha focused on her career after going through various setbacks in her personal life. Actor Shipon Mitra accompanied this beauty in ‘Basant Bikkel’. Apart from this, Omar Sani, Shahnoor, Sucharita, Tanveer Tanu, Shiva Sanus and many more have played different roles. Renowned filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury plays a special role. Actor Aman Reza and actress Tanha Tasnia are in guest roles.

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