I lie down in a corner of the bed: Ranveer

I lie down in a corner of the bed: Ranveer

After dating for a long time, Ranveer-Alia got married in April this year. After two months of marriage, the newlyweds announced good news. A new guest is about to light up their home. There is no end to the couple’s plans for him.

Ranveer bound Satpaka to love Alia. Bollywood superstar with five pregnant woman faces. He only talks about married life when he gets the chance.

Recently in an interview, Ranbir Kapoor revealed some secret information about his marriage to Alia. Referring to one of Alia’s habits, she said that when she sleeps, she moves horizontally. As a result, there is no more space in the bed. His head is in one place, his feet in another. And I lie down in a corner of the bed. You must be in a lot of pain.

Alia likes the Ranveer character the most? And I don’t like it or what? The same question arises for the future mother. The Bollywood sensation said, I like her to be quiet. He is also very good as a listener. Again, this silence must be tolerated repeatedly. Sometimes you have to answer the words.

Recently, the duo’s film “Brahmastra” was released. After a long time, a movie became a hit in Bollywood. The film has already done business of 400 crore worldwide.

Ranveer-Alia ran around different parts of the city to promote ‘Brahmastra’. Ranveer kept an eye on his future mother at all times. The actor affirms, however, that he does not spend a single moment without Alia. In his words, I say that I am independent. But in reality I am very dependent on her (Alia). I don’t even go to the toilet or eat without knowing where he is. I always want him by my side. Not always what to say. He should be sitting next to me.

Source: Hindustan Times

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