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I made movies for the locals: Ashutosh


I made movies for the locals: Ashutosh

In a commercial scene a few years ago, young actress Shahnaz Sumi walked into a salon and asked to have her beautiful long hair cut short. The salon employee cut her hair short.

But, said Sumi, make it smaller, so it doesn’t get caught like that!

Publicity against the oppression and torture of women has touched the conscience of Bengalis. Beyond the 56,000 square mile barbed wire, the main message of the ad reaches different countries around the world. Special articles on the announcement were published in the international press. Ashutosh Sujan produced the ad that shook the conscience of the world.

Besides producing, he is also known as an actor. Now this producer is going to appear with the new movie ‘Deshantar’. He has already obtained the authorization of the censors. The release date has been announced. If all goes well, the film will be seen in theaters nationwide on November 11.

In this regard, the producer said that “Deshantar” is his first movie even though he produced dramas and commercials. It is based on the novel by poet Nirmalendu Guna. which also received government grants.

Making a film based on a novel is always a challenge. Speaking of showing such courage in this first film, Ashutosh Sujan said: We are not against the grain. In fact, I tried to tell a different story in ‘Deshantar’ from the kind of story that is told today. Those who watch will have something in the story. Basically it’s a story of partition, a story of patriotism, a love story. But conventionally, what we see is the story of a community leaving after major violence in the country. But in Deshantra, the story of leaving this community for love of country is told.

One of the roles of ‘Deshantar’ was played by the famous actress Moushumi from the film Dhakai. We will see her in the role of Annapurna. Ahmed Rubel acted in front of him. Mamunur Rashid, Shubashis Bhowmik, Momena Chowdhury, Yash Rohan, Tapur also performed.

Regarding the inclusion of all the strong actors in the film, the director said: We wanted to work with the characters in the story. I tried to find actors who fit the character. It seems from there, apart from Ahmed Rubel or Moushumi, no other has all the qualities of character. Even after adding stars like them, I shot after rehearsing. Finally will release the film after production. I will say this – ‘Deshantar’ is a family movie to watch.

The story of the movie ‘Deshantar’ was a time when girls were married off at a young age. But Ashutosh Sujan said negative messages about child marriage will not come out in the film. According to him, when the audience starts watching the film, they will understand that the history of the film goes back a long way. And because of the story, the characters were developed.

This producer stated that the film’s dialogues used Netrakona’s regional language. For this reason, he worked with Dalim Kumar and Nurul Alam Atiq on the screenplay based on the novel by Nirmalendu Guna. And after the eighth transplant, the script holds its place. The actors also had to work hard to deliver the dialogues correctly in front of the camera. Before filming, they work on language and looks for three months.

Recently, several films have managed to attract the audience. Ashutosh Sujan thinks it’s the tide of cinema. This producer is very optimistic about his film swimming in this tide. He said, I’m very optimistic about my first film. Those who have seen my work on television know that I work with different types of stories. I can say this from this moment no one will be disappointed after watching the movie. I wanted to show something that no one had shown before. And so as not to take it to the festival, I made the film for the people of Bangladesh.

Producer Ashutosh Sujan plays the role of Jewel Fufa in the popular drama series “Bachelor Pointe”. Want to focus on the career of the actor or producer? To such a question, he said, I used to act a long time ago. Now, after the baccalaureate, people want to talk, take pictures, wish – it feels good. In a nutshell, it’s a massive tide of visitors. Enjoying their love. I will play as long as the public wants. But I like to build more. My main goal is cinema.

Bangladesh time: 1548 hours, 03 November 2022

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