I Must War Alone: ​​Bobby


I Must War Alone: ​​Bobby

“I still haven’t crossed the barrier wall, which the family members built. They still don’t want to reveal my identity as an actress. Why did I become an actress without doing a job? This question is always in their mind. So no matter what I do – I don’t get their support, I don’t get cooperation. So I have to fight alone to play.

Actress Yameen Haque Bobby said these words with some disappointment. A model who made her big-screen debut as an actress a century ago, Bobby is still struggling to make her way in the acting world. Not to establish, but rather to prove that no task is small. A work that has love, devotion, honesty – it can in no way be despised. Although Bobby’s family members did not realize it, the public did not disappoint him. So, as Bobby gained recognition due to his acting, he also got the love of countless viewers. So Bobby is also trying to move the hearts of these viewers by acting.

At first, Bobby had a question, the likes and dislikes of different categories of audience are different. What does he think of acting in this case? In response, Bobby said, “I wanted from the start to connect with different sections of the audience by playing in different stories and characters. I think I did to some extent. Otherwise, the public would not have remembered me for so long. They did not express their expectations.

One can understand from Bobby’s words that he prefers versatile work. That’s why Bobby has been seen in new roles from ‘Khonj: The Search’ to ‘Derakshi’, ‘Rajtva’, ‘Hero: The Superstar’, ‘Rajababu’, ‘Blackmail’, ‘Bijli’, ‘Nolock’ and others . . However, not all of his films were appreciated by the public. Some of his films have also been criticized. So what was wrong with the image selection? Bobby replied in response, “First. Nobody has the chance to do what they want at the beginning of their career. The work must be chosen from the films in which the offer to act comes. And whatever the story, the character – to make it believable to the audience, you have to act with challenges. My career has been no exception. I made some mistakes in the selection of photos at the beginning. Perhaps the film will appeal to as many viewers as the story, but it was ultimately not seen. In fact, cinema is a team effort. Here, from the storyteller to the producer, passing through the actors, each team must try to present the best work of its place. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. Know and understand this from work experience. That’s why I go through every step now.

So can we say that the public will see a new Bobby in your next films? “I believe the career golden period is ahead of us. Because of the stories, characters and production of the films I have starred in including ‘Mayurakshi’, ‘Paap’, ‘Vriddhasram’, ‘Ebar Tora Mandho Ha’, ‘Life is beautiful’. As there are differences, there is also an attempt to break apart and present themselves in a new way. I know, artists live through their work. We must therefore do this work, which leaves an imprint in the minds of the public. The audience is the life of the film. So their taste is always in mind. At the same time, we must not forget that as long as the public sees me on the screen, they must think that the person on the screen is not Bobby, but someone else. And that someone else is the person in character.

Bobby works tirelessly not for popularity, but to permanently establish himself in the minds of the public. For whom playing has become his meditation and his knowledge. But it’s also surprising, many contemporary stars have worked on the small screen, but Bobby is not seen! What is the reason? Bobby said: “I’ve never really thought about anything outside of movies. I can work on the small screen for love, but I don’t want to. But I don’t mind working in OTT. I I have a lot of love in acting in ‘Surabhi’. I will also work in soap operas, web movies. But movies will always prevail. I don’t get the attraction for movies in anything else.

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