I only married two: Shakib Khan


I only married two: Shakib Khan

The influential and popular Dhallywood actor is superstar Shakib Khan. Always like to be busy with work. But more than work, we talk about personal life. And that discussion evolves into criticism over time. However, without paying attention to these discussions and criticisms, he goes at his own pace.

Actress Bubli and her children are the most talked about things about her lately. Each time, he married in secret. He even hides his children. This incident is not the first time, it happened before with the famous queen of Dhallywood, Apu Biswas. However, King Khan of Bengal did not comment on this. He solved and answered all questions quietly.

These are old stories. The news is that in an interview with a daily newspaper in the country, Shakib Khan opened up about the controversial issue of Bubli and his child Vir. He expressed his concern.

Shakib Khan said, “I’ve acted in hundreds of movies so far. Does that mean I have a love-marriage relationship with every heroine? Do I have a scandal with everyone? I only married two. All other news is just rumour. And if not, those of whom they speak of me would have been silent?

Since Apu’s breakup with Biswas, there have been many rumors surrounding the names of Bubli and Shakib Khan. The subject of their marriage and their children also comes up again and again. However, this actor dismissed it as a rumor. Finally, he was forced to go public with his marriage to Bubli and her child Shehzad Khan Bir. Since then, this great movie hero from Dhakai has been training.

In response to the question whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with Bubli, Shakib said that no one marries for separation, people marry for the hope of a beautiful family and happiness. Someone is happy because of someone and someone is not. I want a beautiful happy family now.

King Khan said of his two children Joy and Veer in the interview, “They are both my beloved children.” I want to leave my two sons educated in the real sense. I will take care of the two boys as well. My main responsibility is to try to make sure there is no imperfection in their life. They will become educated, grow and make their own life decisions. I want to see them as real, ideal people.


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