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“I really want to create the taste of the public”

“I really want to create the taste of the public”

Jaya Ahsan is one of the purest artists in Bengali cinema. After winning two Bengali films, he recently finished working on a Hindi film. With his hard work, dedication and hard work, he is constantly conquering time. Recently, famous Hindi director ‘Pink’ Aniruddha Roychowdhury’s new movie ‘Karak Singh’ has completed his work. Talked about recent work and film ideas.

How are you

very good An artist is only good if he is inside the work. I am like this.

As usual, the next desired question is about your Hindi movie. That’s what I want to hear. How was the experience?

I finished the movie. Produced by Aniruddha Roychowdhury. There is no need for dubbing because the film is made in synchronized sound. So I can say that I finished my work for the film before the release. Great experience in a nutshell!

We hear again and again, they are very professional. Very formal. Want to know more about Bollywood production work after Dhallywood, Tollywood.

see Work or teamwork mainly depends on the creator. In this case I will say. Tony Da [নির্মাতা অনিরুদ্ধ রায়চৌধুরী ]A work plan had been in preparation for a long time. I will make a film in Bengali, we only had one idea at the start. Later, Tonydai said, “Look, there’s a character from a Hindi movie. You can do it.’ If you analyze Tonyda’s previous work, you will see. His images don’t just capture a certain time. Even after many years, his images look contemporary. And I say professional in that sense – because they want to finish the job on time. On the contrary, they want to finish the production before the specified time.

How did you adjust the environment in the Hindi dialogue or work?

I have plenty of time, don’t I. Because the rest of the team comes from Bombay and the South. They rehearsed a lot. But Tonida has a strange style. It actually continues to weave the image. I’ve never seen a script in his hands, he keeps everything in his head. He did that to me too.

Pankaj Tripathi is now called the best actor in Bollywood. How did you find yourself as a co-artist?

What can I say about him? Very sensitive and responsible. Very helpful person on the job. It would be wrong to speak only of Pankajda. The total production unit was very helpful.

Yet working together for so long. How was Pankaj Tripathi’s time outside of filming? We also saw several pictures of you on social media —

Pankajji is a very sincere and straightforward person. Where we were filming, naturally everyone had a room. So it turned out that one day Pankaj Da himself was making momos and bringing them. fed us He makes very good momos. One day, Bihari cooked mutton and said to me while pulling, “Jayaji, come with the shotda. We will all eat together in the room. One day he brought lichichokha. Bihari is a famous food. Very tasty and healthy. Had a good time.

When will ‘Karak Singh’ be released? Anirudh’s Hindi film “Lost” is probably awaiting release. And you must have been punched or talked about in other Bollywood productions?

yes Tony Dar’s ‘Lost’ is now awaiting release. The film stars Yami Gautam. And when ours comes out, that’s actually the producer’s call. When will I come back with Hindi movies or not is not my career thoughts. I try to find good stories. I have to work in Hindi films without eating. I have no such thoughts. I think I work as a Bengal brand ambassador. This is my main responsibility. And now you can go international by working in your own country. So everywhere I go. I make the works as a Bangladeshi artist.

But if I say like this – working in a Hindi film must be due to a good story or a good team. Or has the expansion of India or all of India worked a little harder on your heart? An artist can ask for it. What is the thought in your mind?

Seeing Pan India or Sarva Bharate will see me. Many people see my work as an artist. More than these things, I am very eager for good work. My greed is there. In fact, I want to create the public’s taste. The kind of film I started working on many years ago today. Today, this kind of photos is fashionable in Bengal. I wouldn’t say off-piste. But as an artist, I want to take a new path. This path is beautiful, aesthetic. Maybe the path is covered with grass and foliage. I want to delete them and create a new path.

Pankaj’s idea of ​​Bangladesh or how much was the context of Bangladesh in your story –

There has been a lot of talk about Bangladesh. Tony Da introduced me via video call on opening day. Since then on the set. Since then I have less opportunity to rehearse. So I used to go to the set earlier. In fact, you will see artists regardless of the country. Together, in unison, they are one. Pankaj Da keeps all the news about Bangladesh, Aamder PM, Politics or Food here. Our Prime Minister’s house is Gopalganj, his house is also there. Hilsa, Jamdani talked about these things. One day, his wife came to the set. We talked to Bhabhi. playing together In fact, if you look at any real artist in the world, there is a lot of sincerity and mutual respect. It may be possible as an artist.

Now everyone is working on the OTT platform. Whether it’s a movie or a series. When will I see you?

OTT offers are coming. But I want to start with a directing job in Bangladesh if I do OTT. This means that my first job in OTT will be a Bangladeshi producer.

Last question. Your production company ‘C Te Cinema’ has benefited from government subsidies for several years. When does the movie start?

We are almost ready. Apart from government cooperation, we have ‘Facecard’ with us. We have already explained our idea plan to the manufacturer. The builder arranges everything. He therefore only awaits the manufacturer’s decision.

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