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I still don’t know if I will be able to return home alive: Priyati

I still don’t know if I will be able to return home alive: Priyati

Glitz: Your role as Rupa in the Jazz Multimedia production “Masood Rana” was heard, how far did it go?

Priyati: (Sigh) I had a deal with Aziz Sahib from Jazz Multimedia. But after that no update was given to me. I have no idea what they are doing.

Glitz: What kind of difference do you see in the media of the two countries?

Cher: Geographically, Ireland is half of Bangladesh. Their population is 5 million. As such, their media are a handful. No one can open the media there. Government permission is required. Obtaining this authorization is not an easy task. There are many mass media in our country. Their number is very small; But they maintain the quality. With the exception of a handful of two to four in our country, the rest do not meet international standards. As much as they have, everyone maintains it.

Glitz: What is the difference in the lifestyle of women in Bangladesh and Ireland?

Beloved: Hughes. I believe what I achieved today was possible because I was in Ireland. Here, women have to endure a lot of family pressure on society. Life decisions can be made there freely. No one dares to sit down. Nobody cares what I do, where I go, how I live. There is no pressure on me. Nobody tries to hold back.

Glitz: You have books in Bengali called “Priyotir Ayana”, “Chobol” and “Kantakashaya”. Why write?

Priyati: I write to share my experience with people. In addition to expressing myself, my goal is to raise awareness. I write to create awareness and caution so that the problems I have faced do not come before others, so that they know what to do when faced with such problems. If even one person benefits from the knowledge of my experiences, that is a great achievement for me.

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