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I support Brazil for the mother: Mim


I support Brazil for the mother: Mim

Vidya Sinha Mim. Photo: collected from Facebook


Vidya Sinha Mim. Photo: collected from Facebook

Vidya Sinha Mim is having a great time in her showbiz career. His career is booming. Paran and Damal made his career shine. She is the heroine of this year’s Superhit 2 movie. On the other hand, this year, UNICEF has been chosen as a goodwill ambassador.

Mim spoke to the Daily Star about his career, the upcoming FIFA World Cup, new projects.

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In a few days, the soccer world cup will start, which team do you support?

In a nutshell, my favorite team is Brazil. I support Brazil with all my heart. I can say this way, I support this from my family. My mother is a fan of Brazil. I love, love and support this team for fun. I will do this all my life.

Does your husband Soni Poddar support the same party?

yes Sony is also a supporter of Brazil. well done May my favorite team Brazil and Sony team win the World Cup this time. Because – since I learned to understand, the team has not been able to win the championship several times in a row. For this, suffering also works within. So I really want Brazil to win this year.

The whole family is a supporter of Brazil?

no no My father is an Argentina fan. So is my younger sister. Just me, mom and married for Brazil. To be honest, Brazil love the game. They have good rhythm in their game. Which is not found in any other team game.

How was 2022?

It was really good. It was incredibly good. This year will be memorable for my career. Paran and Damal have become blockbusters. Parana is still going on in the country and abroad. Damal continues. Somewhere, Damal is cleaning up. I hope Damal will do better in December. Overall, this year has been great. I have a life partner this year.

Career plans?

I want to be with good work. Many offers to come. Be selective and want to do things people love. Public expectations have also increased. You want to work with responsibility.

Did you visit Tangail yesterday?

I went to Tangail for an event at Lux. Thousands of people attended. Again, the audience applauded. Some even shouted Paran. Tangail was very fond of him. Tangail has a tradition of sweets. I have a nice present. I went there to eat. I will long remember the love of the people there.

When do you start shooting new films?

Not this year to be honest. I will be shooting new work in the new year. That’s how I go. This is how everything is arranged. I agree with people’s blessings, love, parents’ prayers. In this way, I want to present more beautiful works.

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