“I want to do this job, where I get the satisfaction of acting”


“I want to do this job, where I get the satisfaction of acting”

Runa Khan. Actress and model. His play ‘Mashrafi Junior’ is airing today on Deepta TV. Told him about this room, current engagements and other topics-

‘Mashrafi Junior’ has been promoted for several years. Can the drama hold the audience as before?

It seems unlikely that the episode would have been extended without the audience’s response. More than five hundred episodes have been produced because the public has been able to mingle with the story of this play. History is the life of this piece. And if the story is good, the artists try to bring out the best in themselves, ‘Mashrafi Junior’ is proof of that.

The small screen is now seen a little less than before, what is the reason?

Sometimes I did a little less work, apart from that there is no other reason. If we have a good story and a good character, we can do a lot of things together; If you don’t like it, don’t mind sitting down. I want to do this job, where I get the satisfaction of acting.

The number of films he has acted in so far, according to the audience, are all of a different style. Do you have a different preference for movies?

It’s not that I act in films with a lot of choices; If the movies I’ve been in seem different to the audience, then credit goes to the producer. I was selected by the producers for the roles in the films I acted in, including ‘Halda’, ‘Gaheen Baluchar’, ‘Kalo Megher Vela’, ‘Chhitkini’, ‘Sapludu’. From there, I am fortunate to have the chance to act in different stories of good producers.

When will the movie ‘Ekta Na Kola Katha’ be released?

Shooting finished, dubbing. As such, there shouldn’t be much of a delay in the movie’s release. But producer Pankaj Palit can tell the final release date of “Ekta Na Kola Katha”.

Acting in three mediums – television, film, stage. Which media give more importance?

Not the medium, but the idea of ​​acting. Because whatever medium I work with, I have to see if I can make it accessible to the public while playing.

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