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I will do great things this year: Shakib Khan

I will do great things this year: Shakib Khan

Happy New Year everyone. New hour, new year means a new experience for us. Shakib Khan, the popular hero of the film Dhakai, expressed the hope that the New Year will go well and happily, and that each person will move the country forward from their own position towards development.

Other than that, he wants to start the new year with a different job. Shakib Khan said: “I want to start the year in a different way this year. I have new ideas about work. I will give something new to the public this year.

The last year after Corona was the year of Dhaka filming for movies, she also appeared in Shakib Khan’s commentary. Nayak said, “After Corona, our film industry is challenged to turn around. Last year, this situation improved somewhat. Hopefully something better awaits us in the new year.

Shakib Khan will work less this year. But plan something big. The work that will be done will be good, big-budget work. Works that the public loves. Expected from him.

Shakib Khan said, “Judging by the numbers, this year, although the work is less, I will do several big projects with a good budget. A lot of work is planned for the past year. They will be implemented this year. Above all, this year will be the year of the realization of the best project.

Shakib fans will get proof of their favorite hero’s best through work only this year. The actor said he won’t say anything more about the new project. But he said, I’ll say everything this year when I get to work. After completing the good works, this year I will give gifts to the public and those who love me.

Two films starring Shakib Khan are pending release. A Tapu Khan directed ‘Leader, I Am Bangladesh’. Another is “Antaratma” directed by Wazed Ali Suman. Both films are based on social stories. Both of these projects will be released in the new year, according to news from the production company.

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