I will focus more on music now: Tahsan


I will focus more on music now: Tahsan

There are very few stars in our country who are so popular both in theater and in music. Indicate the value of your brand and your star image. Tahsan is very aware of this. Recently, a new song by him came out. The title of the song is ‘Sei Tumi Ke?’ Although some say it’s an advertisement. But separately, Tahsan gave his audience a song of his own taste. And nice video. The video promotes the brand, but its minimalist beauty makes Tahsan’s song even better.

Tahsan became a model for a commercial two years ago. He also sang a few lines in the form of a jingle. The lines “Kono Ek Borare/ In a steaming cup of tea/ I’ll see the morning with you/ Sey tumi ke” were well received by the audience.

Tahsan brings those lines in top form with a song titled “Sei Tumi Ke.” In addition to writing the lyrics for the song, he also composed the music. The song was released on Monday, October 31.

Talking about the song, Tahsan said, I worked on ‘Sei Tumi Ke’ for almost three years. The work should have been done sooner. But due to Corona it got delayed, I was finally able to finish the job. The song is written by me. Sajid Sarkar and I composed the music. Music composed by Sajid. Tahsan told the story behind writing the lyrics to “Sei Tumi Ke.” He said, once I was writing songs for myself. Later, I started writing for the public when expectations started coming from people. After so many years, I felt again that I wanted to write songs for myself. The song ‘Sei Tumi Ke’ is entirely written for me. Everyone will understand by listening to the lyrics – here I am talking about my personal life, maybe I am looking for a man of my own. The song was written for that person. The song will be released as a video.

Tahsan musician.

In this context, Tahsan said, two months ago I shot the video for Se Tumi Ke. Shahriar Palak produces it under the theater banner. I shared some photos on Facebook during the filming. Many people were surprised to see them, there is such a beautiful place in Cox’s Bazar! And we made the video according to the lyrics. There are a lot of innovations in the video. People will understand when they see it. When a new song is released, many will calculate its views. Some add the title of hits to these numbers. But Tahsan thinks the opposite of that thought. This singer says, music lives on stage. Now is the era where people judge songs by millions of views. But it’s very surprising – when these songs are sung on stage, they don’t sound like familiar songs, they can’t be heard in anyone’s mouth! Music lives only when thousands of people sing in unison. Many songs are not viewed on YouTube. Because they were released long before YouTube. People listen to these songs. So you should think about which songs are real hits and which are telltale hits.

Tahsan musician.

Besides singing, Tahsan was regularly busy performing. He gave many popular dramas. However, this popular actor is rarely seen acting recently. Currently, he wants to focus on music. In this regard, Tahsan said, I have been working for many years. Now I can see people’s love for music again. People are more and more interested in listening to music. Now I get the inspiration to sing. The concerts are also increasing. I feel again people’s love for the music that I saw when I was a child. That’s why I’m going to pay more attention to music now. And I did theater for a long time.

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