I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa


I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa

Kanakchampa is one of the few female singers to gain popularity in Bengali film songs. Who claims to be a voice worker. He gave about 4000 songs. There are also many timeless songs. Sunday (September 11) is Nandit’s birthday. On a special day, he opened the window of his mind and spoke to the Bengali Tribune. Along with the song came her personal wishes, thoughts and future plans.

Bengali Tribune: happy birthday how are you

Conch: Thank you Alhamdulillah I’m fine.

Bengali Tribune: What do you think when your birthday comes, age increases or decreases?

Conch: Age increases on the one hand, life expectancy decreases on the other. But I see it differently. Last year I was 52, now I am 53. As a result, my experience has increased by one year. This experience is a great accomplishment in human life. This is why we respect our elders, because they have witnessed many things. One by one the years have passed since my birth, at the same time I have gained many experiences, seen many colors of life. So my feeling is – age is not increasing, not decreasing; Only the experience is overwhelming.

Bengali Tribune: I heard you went to see the movie yesterday (September 10)…!

Conch: (laughs a little) I saw ‘Hava’. After many years, I went to the theater and saw a country movie. As far as I can remember, the last time I saw ‘Guerrilla’ (2011) was before that. So yesterday my daughter took me. One of the songs in this movie (Sada Sada Kala Kala) is so weird; I really like Emon Chowdhury’s music. And I got reviews from a lot of people before watching the movie, but I don’t accept reviews from anyone before watching it myself. Because I have my own thoughts.

Bengali Tribune: How much “air” has you touched?

Conch: Everything about this movie was so detailed and perfect, I was impressed. See the life of fishermen up close; As well as the sound, music and film crew; All is well. Chanchal Chowdhury is definitely a big star. But yesterday I realized what a seasoned actor he was. His performance gives goosebumps. The color of his hair, his shirt, his stubble, his teeth, the dirt on his teeth, from his fingers to his hair are perfectly captured. Not only Chanchal, others have also done an amazing job. I am very surprised, our films are actually world class.

I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa Bengali Tribune: There is work you haven’t done yet. For what regret…

Conch: I absolutely want to be a marginal farmer. But I don’t know to what extent this is actually possible. Because I have reached middle age, being a farmer is also a matter of physical ability. However, all the planning, the work is almost done. I’m on the edge of my dream. I will no longer stay in Dhaka city. I was born and raised in Dhaka; But now here is my breath. Not close to nature, go to nature. My in-laws in Bogra, where I bought land a long time ago. I planted various plants, the construction work on the house is almost finished. I hope to leave Dhaka this winter and settle in the village.

Bengali Tribune: Even in the city, you are associated with agriculture…

Conch: Yes, I have many bathtubs in my house. Planting of various fruit trees and vegetable gardens. There are even lotuses. In fact, whatever tree I plant, it happens.

Bengali Tribune: You’re not often found in movie songs anymore. It is painful and wonderful. What is the reason?

Conch: (thinking for a moment) As far back as I can remember, I last sang it a few years ago. The film actually had teamwork. I sang as I wanted, not like that. I was called, then the singer-songwriter sang together. And the people I sang with, unfortunately, they are no more. Alam Bhai (Alam Khan), Alauddin Bhai (Alauddin Ali), Bulbul Bhai (Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul), Satyada (Satya Saha) – I’ve been working on their music all my life. I then worked with some of my contemporary music directors. But they don’t sing like they used to. Many others ask for new songs, but I don’t feel comfortable. Because their style of music is slightly different. There was a recording studio like at home, the recorder was Saeed Bhai, there is nothing. Along with this, the passion and thirst in my mind also diminished. It’s not my fault; The environment, the weather, the skill all came together.

Kanakchampa got a little emotional between the words. he said in a wet voice.

I still cry about that audio studio. I cry for my recorder Saeed bhai. As you can imagine there is no teenage Andrew but the conch is alive! Kishoreda left, I didn’t even see his body. Corona was there, but I can’t see his body. I still don’t believe it. I saw the body of Subirdar (Subir Nandi), but I did not recognize it! He was my stage partner. I’m very lucky to have done thousands of shows with him. Now that he’s gone, I don’t have peace on stage.

I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa Bengali Tribune: The number of songs you have sung on the radio, on television, in the cinema is incalculable. What is the correct account?

Conch: I use diaries. Write the list of songs there. Accordingly, 3,000 will be like 600 or 700. After that, of course, I wrote another hundred or two songs, but they weren’t recorded in the diary.

Bengali Tribune: That means your number of songs is around four thousand. On a slightly different topic, many have traveled overseas for the enjoyment of music or for personal work. How does the country really feel abroad?

Conch: I miss the whole country then. Since 1996, departures abroad have begun. It is visited at least two or three times a year. You don’t need to go abroad, after getting on the plane, you can see the airport field. The country is actually equal to the mother, the way we miss the mother, we miss the country too.

Bengali Tribune: At first he said he was going to the village this winter. But you can adjust with the people of the village or the society! Who was born and raised in the capital.

Conch: I have already become deeply involved with the people of this village. I visited their homes and talked to them. They were very surprised, wanted to know: “Are you really Konkchanpa? Or did your parents name him after looking like him! They are not surprised, saying, how is this possible! I went there and pounded the rice with my feet; Seeing this, they are surprised and want to know where they learned this. I’m not from America. Although I was not born in a village, I love the village culture. From sailing a boat to covering a house in manure, I can do it all.

I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa Bengali Tribune: Talented people like Alam Khan, Alauddin Ali, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul or lyric poet Gazi Mazharul Anwar are passing away one by one. I want to know your perception of this lack of tutors in the music world…

Conch: The pain of loss is felt by everyone. I respected each of those whose names I mentioned as father, uncle and brother, I considered them as my own. They have come to the point where they no longer need a surname before or after their name. I saw before my eyes, when a Gazi Mazharul Anwar or Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul holds the pen, there is no cut. It seemed that the pen gives birth to text! They are gone, but they will always be there. We can use the resources they gave us. A music institute can be created, where they will be taught songs, melodies, lyrics; Their creation will be practiced. But the sad thing is that Gazi Bhai died and was buried a day later. Before that, her song began to sing live in the wrong tune! Does he pay homage to him? On the contrary, this channel did this for money. Lots of artists are coming on different channels that shouldn’t be coming. It doesn’t matter if the artist is established or not. I don’t want to sing in the wrong tone. Do not mistake yourself. Instead, study and learn their songs. I insist on that.

Bengali Tribune: May your rural dreams succeed. The Tribune family is grateful to have dedicated so much time to the anniversary.

Conch: Thank you so much for remembering me on such a day. I also want the dream of the village to be reflected in everyone. I will leave Dhaka this winter, I will settle in the village: Kanakchampa

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