“I will never forget what happened in my life” – Dainik Amader Shomoy


“I will never forget what happened in my life” – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Ferdous Wahid is one of the few artists to have popularized pop music in the country after independence. The legendary popstar is candid about her journey. Written by Tarek Anand

After a week of waiting, the long-awaited day has arrived. Saturday Me, Feroze Sai, Azam Khan, Idu, Ishtiaq, Larry Musa and who was responsible for the day Enayetullah Khan. Now editor of Dhaka Courier. my close friend We sat down to chat and chat. The decision was made to release records to support ourselves, to reach people’s ears. Four discs. Azam Khan will sing two songs. The other two are me. Azam Khan’s songs are “High Court Mazare”, “Ore Salaka Ore Maleka”. And my two songs ‘Chand Jagae Tara Jagae’ and ‘Duniyata Keta Je Amasa’. They are happy to hear music. They realized that adding rhythm to music is not just a matter of fact. Azam Khan’s Rock and My Pop. The tunes fell in their style. The reason to love them also starts from here. Who will be the musical director? One name came to mind – the famous musical director of Azam Khan’s older brother, Alam Khan. If we ask Him, He will guide us all and bring down the four songs. It will cost us three hundred rupees to sing. I will bear this cost.

The next day, Feroze Sai and I persuaded Alam Khan Bhai. Anyway, I would say that I crossed new horizons. If a music director like him hadn’t come, we wouldn’t have had a say. Not only Azam Khan’s brother, he is a versatile musical director. Alam bhai heard everything. He must have liked to hear it, so he said, I’ll go to the studio.

I went alone to Dhaka Record Company. Mr. Majid Supervisor of Dhaka Record Company. At first sight, he spoke with great joy. He heard about our plan. He was very happy to hear. He gave us the date. 264 for half a shift. I think he was also waiting to find out why, what was really going to happen. Everything is new to him. He is surprised. Because this kind of work has not happened before in the country.

After five days. We haven’t eaten rice all day. I ate a lot of rice and tea. Can’t tell if we spent 50 rupees here.

Let’s say one thing, Saeed Siddiqui, the owner of today’s Cat’s Eye, paid 100 rupees for the record. I spent 125 rupees out of my pocket. This money is money taken from the parents. Also, my two friends Ghulam Sarwar Khan and Masud Ahmed donated money. A total of three hundred and thirty three hundred rupees were spent. Alam Khan Bhai came. We all stood up and saluted. He was sitting in the control room. Sometimes he would come in. we started It was showing errors. The most interesting thing is that the recorder Majeed also came to see our rehearsals several times. Two studios at the time. Dacca Record Company and FDC. They were the only ones to release RPM discs. And Brother Majid sees everything here. By evening, we had recorded four songs. Everyone is very happy. I will never forget that outburst and what happened in my life.

Alam Khan called Bhai. I went to him. He patted her on the back and said, I really like your voice. Will you sing for the movie?

I said to myself, I won’t do any more movie songs! Cinema was then the only major medium. I did not know what to do. Say hello or cry, happy on the other hand surprise!

After saying goodbye to him, I came to Majid Sahib. He was surprised and said, I have never heard such a song before, I liked it very much. Congratulations. He directly suggested recording? He said, I think a new horizon will be created in the sky of Bangladesh.

I agree with his proposal. Fortunately, fortunately. I just asked a question, when will I come? you don’t have to come Enter the phone number. I will stay in touch.

I left with a huge waiting list.

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