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“I will not remain silent, strict measures will be taken if false stories spread”


“I will not remain silent, strict measures will be taken if false stories spread”

cherry worship actress Her new film ‘Hridita’ was released last Friday. On the other hand, his name is also involved in various incidents with Shakib Khan. Tell him about new photos and recent topics-

How much could ‘Hridita’ touch the hearts of the public?

Hridita is a good history film. Based on the novel by fiction writer Anisul Haque, this film is praised by many who have seen it. Lots of girls say in Facebook inbox after seeing the picture that they think they are Hudita. Good answer from me.

But does the film fail to attract spectators to the cinema?

I saw audiences in the cinemas I visited. It was true, the room was not overcrowded. But I believe that the film will reach the public slowly. So far, I don’t have any real information about audience attendance at movie theatres. It can say the production house and the distribution house of the film.

It’s a different topic, we hear different things about you and Shakib Khan…

So far, I’ve been in love with almost every hero I’ve worked with. Consequently, these words have no basis. Shakib Khan is my co-artist. I only made one film as a heroine. That’s why they make a fuss about me. I think conscious people don’t listen to him. Everyone knows those are lies.

So your romance with Shakib Khan is rumored…

100% rumors. I had an on-screen romance with Shakib Khan in the movie Galui, which is said to be a real romance. Acting with a hero only makes you fall in love with him? What’s the point of spreading such rumours?

Shakib also works with other actresses, but so many rumors about you…

I worked with a production company for four and a half years. These rumors have been circulating about me ever since I left this institution. Earlier there were rumors that me and Siam Ahmed were in love. So gossip people, carry on. Let’s see how long they can last with this.

Said to take legal action against those who spread such rumours…

Some of those who spread false rumors about me also do so from positions of responsibility. If false rumors spread in the future without any verification of truth and lies and without my statement, I specify that I will be obliged to take strict measures according to the current laws of the country, because I respect the law.

What is the status of work in progress?

I recently finished the movie ‘Masud Rana’ directed by Saikat Nasir. The Jinn movie is also pending release. Apart from that, several new movies are being discussed. I can tell you when it will be final.

When are you going to America?

Was supposed to attend an awards show. It doesn’t seem to be going.

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