“I wrote a new song in the hope that Argentina will win”


“I wrote a new song in the hope that Argentina will win”

“I’ve always loved playing football. Whenever I have time, I watch football matches on TV or on the pitch. It also happened that I was going to a show somewhere, there was a soccer game on the side of the road – I stopped the car and watched the game. I have been a fan of Argentina since I was a child. When there is a game in Argentina, I try to leave everything fall down and watch the game. I think Argentina will win. I’m writing a song in that hope. This is how Hero Alam spoke to Jago News on Saturday night (November 12).

He also said, I had already sung this song about Messi. This song is well received by Argentinian fans. On top of that, everyone said well. The song has gone viral on online platforms. I hope this song will be well received by everyone. The song will be discussed during the game.


Hero Alam also stated that there will be wins and losses in the match. And you have to accept it. If we lose, we win. Keeping that in mind won’t be a problem. Another thing to keep in mind is that we all have families. Then there will be no more problem. Everyone pray, Messi will go home with the cup this time.

It was reported that Hero Alam sang the new song titled “World Cup Excitement in Everyone’s Voice”. The lyrics are composed by FA Pritam and Hero Alam. Music arranged by Tune House. The song will be uploaded soon.

Bogra’s son, Ashraful Alam Sayeed. He is known as Hero Alam by everyone. He regularly works with theatre, film production and music. It is often seen in the realm of politics. Hero Alam caused a sensation by participating in the national elections.


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