If Hindi films are brought, the situation will be like in Nepal: Zayed Khan

If Hindi films are brought, the situation will be like in Nepal: Zayed Khan

Zayed Khan said, “Due to the easy availability of Dish, the TV market has been completely captured by Indian soap operas. If Hindi films are introduced in the country, the theatrical market will also be taken over by them.

“Our artists will not have jobs. Will die without eating. I don’t want to see this situation. As a result, as I was against bringing Hindi movies from the beginning, I am still against it. I am in no way in favor of bringing in Hindi movies.

The Film Artists Association was once strongly opposed to the importation of Indian films, but now Nipun Aktar, who is in charge of the association’s general secretary, has said it will issue a conditional concession. He said Pathan can be released, but 10% of the proceeds should be donated to the artists’ association.

Nipun’s statement was also criticized by Zayed Khan, who dropped the appeal after being declared the winner of the election. However, since Zayed Khan went to court, the final decision on who will be the general secretary has yet to be made.

Zayed Khan said: “Just as he (Nipun) himself illegally holds power, his speech is also illegal.

“If you have to pay 10% of mailing revenue, why should you give it to the artists’ association? How many other film-related organizations are there? Everyone will be impacted. Also, will he bring the film with VAT to donate money to the artists’ association? It is an absurd and childish speech.

Zayed Khan demanded that if Hindi films are imported under the SAFTA deal, Bangladeshi films should be shown equally in India.

He said: “If the picture is to be subject to the SAFTA agreement; Our film must also be properly screened in India. They will take over our room with only one or two rooms in the name of our image, this will not happen not.

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