‘If I was an actress, I would sleep with a girl’, the explosive comment of the actress


‘If I was an actress, I would sleep with a girl’, the explosive comment of the actress

Ratan Rajput is a popular Indian television actress. old photo

Popular small screen actress Ratan Rajput has shared her terrifying experience of being a victim of a casting couch in the film industry. He shared his casting experience on his blog.

In his blog, he says: “A producer between 60 and 65 years old offered me a compromise by showing greed for work. Although the incident is several years old, this incident is still in my memory.

Popular Indian TV actress Ratan Rajput remembered those times by posting a video recently. That year, he met a producer. He is not a well-known face in the industry. But everyone knows him because of his many works. After meeting Ratan, the producer agreed to spend four to five lakhs on him. Along with this, he also promised that Akash Kusum would bring his career.

The actress overheard the producer and asked, ‘Why would I do that? The producer replied, “You must be friends with me.”

In response, Ratan said, “You are my father’s age. How can I befriend you? The producer got angry after hearing Ratan’s words. Afterwards, the producer made an explosive comment and said, “If my daughter was an actress, I would have slept with her too.”

Actress Ratan Rajput lost her cool after hearing this. He never wanted to compromise for work. Saving with honor is the main purpose of his life.

In 2007, the scars of this incident are still in the memory of the actress. While sharing the casting couch, he said, “I have never seen such a bad person. These people should die. Now I feel like I’m going there one more time. I met him. And hit him with his shoes.

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