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If not Shah Abdul Karim Baul, who is Baul? question

If not Shah Abdul Karim Baul, who is Baul? question

Baul artist Shah Abdul Karim’s birthday was September 12. Baoul artists Shafi Mondal and Rekha Sufiana will participate in Baisakhi TV Folk Live in his memory.

Artists Shafi Mondal and Rekha Sufiana said: We are grateful to God for giving us the strength to sing again. Keeping the audience in mind, Baul will sing some of Samrat Shah Abdul Karim’s popular songs in the folk program Baisakhi. We believe the audience will like the songs. If they like the songs, we get it.

This is the first time Baul artist Shafi Mondal has appeared on Baisakhi TV’s live program with Shah Abdul Karim’s songs only. Although he has sung folk songs including Lalon, Hashan in various TV programs, this is the first time he will only sing Shah Abdul Karim songs.

He will also perform for the first time with new generation artist Rekha Sufiana. He believes this program will create a different feeling for the audience.

Shafi Mondal said, I sing about lenders. Shah Abdul Karim is one such loan shark. In a TV show, someone said, Shah Abdul Karim is not Baul. If he is not Baul, then who is Baul? As far as I know, he used to walk barefoot when he went out to meet Guru. He used to walk a long way barefoot to meet the guru. It was a great respect for his teacher.

He questioned and said, moreover, that Shah Abdul Karim was devoted to God. And that’s why he could say – who can I tell that I myself am a criminal… the person who can speak such words cannot be a virtuous person?

Shafi Mondal said: I feel very good about myself to be able to sing songs to him on a special day. Saiji says I am sitting helpless or haven’t seen him even one day. On the way to this Baul Sadhak, we found another person, it is Shah Abdul Karim. Their motto is their interior and their exterior.

Rekha Sufiana said: I am very lucky to chant on a special day in the presence of a special Guru for the first time. I can’t express enough what a great find this is in my life.

We know that these two talented artists will perform live on Friday, September 16 at 9:30 p.m. The show is produced by Litu Solaiman, presented by Ainun Putul.

Bangladesh time: 1733 hours, September 16, 2022

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