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If the heroes and heroines are easy to see, it has an impact in the film: Zayed Khan

If the heroes and heroines are easy to see, it has an impact in the film: Zayed Khan

Fan interest in the stars of the theater world is endless. What intense anguish to see face to face. Once upon a time, people were dying to see heroes and heroines on film sets. But times have changed. And that’s for the good of social media. Now, stars regularly post photos and videos from various moments on their social handles. In it, fans can see them and learn about them. Even celebrity news is no longer a secret.

But Dhakai actor Zayed Khan has revived the old image of actors guarding their secrets. He also thinks people are more interested in secrets. So if people can easily see the heroes and heroines, it affects the movie.


Zayed Khan said he never leaves Dhaka. I’ve been to very few events, but that’s for personal reasons. I think if people can easily see the heroes and heroines on stage, in different places, then the film will have an effect. The less they are shown in front of the general public, the more people will watch on screen.

He said these things while speaking to reporters when he came to perform at the Navanna Festival organized by the Greater Mymensingh SSC 92 group at the Zainul Abedin Auditorium of the Bangladesh Agricultural University on Friday, November 11.

Basically, he said these things in the face of journalists’ questions about actress Parimoni and her husband’s home-family, actor Shariful Raj, and actress Vidya Sinha Mim’s relationship with Raj.


Zayed Khan said: My soul connection with Mymensingh, Mymensingh Chayabani cinema is named. I have seen a lot of movies in this cinema hall. I had already come to Mymensingh police station once to follow the program. This is my second visit to Mymensingh. People here are cultural, have a lot of history. Here is the creation of the lyricist Mymensingh. Overall, people here are artists, artists are expensive. I feel very good.

Zayed Khan said about Parimoni and her husband Shariful Raj, artists will have their personal lives. But I’m not in favor of people being told about it via Facebook status. Many things have happened in my life. But I never said that on Facebook live. Because, it’s nothing but making people laugh. And he cannot give any solution. Artists should discuss their personal issues in the bedroom.

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