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“If you don’t see the bad deeds, the good deeds will be more”

“If you don’t see the bad deeds, the good deeds will be more”

Fazlur Rahman Babu is the country’s elite actor. This successful man in all action mediums was interviewed about the 2022 showbiz scene. He explained it candidly from his own experience. Interviewed AM Rubel

Has been associated with several acclaimed works this year, also won several awards. How did you appreciate the achievements?
Yes, this year I had several notable work opportunities, including Bangabandhu’s biopic. Also did some OTT work. which are very popular. Received numerous awards including the National Film Award, the Meril Prothom Alo Award, the Channel I Digital Award, the Charki Award for the work of 2021 and 2022. In short, this year went well. I hope the new year will be good if I am healthy. But I always focus on the present.

The film has found new life. How are these changes in your eyes?
The hope for us is that our film revolves around. We can say that there is a new wind in the film. From this place, I will say that this trend should continue. Now formatted movies are not played. New stories are told and films are appreciated and awarded at home and abroad. It is a great achievement for us.

2022 seems to be big for showbiz for some reason?
I would say time, not years. In fact, we spent 365 days. At this time, our new journey began. As I said, a new trend has been added to showbiz. If we can maintain its continuity, we can do a better job in the future.

The year of the creator or the artist, what year do you think?
It is not fair to look at the issue in isolation. In fact, we work together. No matter how good a maker-artist is, if there is no coordination, the work will not be beautiful. I think a production is emerging with all the artists, makers, cameramen, lightmen.

But this year there have been many arguments about the complexity of the sensors. Many of you have been involved in this matter. By the way, is the sensor to be changed or not?
I think we have to have that freedom. Let the creator do the most talking. But developed countries do not have these complications. Hopefully those who are concerned with our sensors will be able to understand the question. We must also inform them. In fact, people will see all sorts of things. It’s nothing to take personally. It’s fiction. Here, if a doctor looks bad, the whole medical community thinks he is called bad. It’s not true. We have to get out of this old thinking. A person can be good or bad, so not everyone is bad. Everyone cannot be judged by one person.

What do you think of the development of OTT?
Look, it’s a pay channel. We tend to watch for free. There is also a matter of getting used to OTT. There is also the question of human capacity. I think over time people will get used to paying for good content. But it is also true that the OTT medium has already created a better position than before.

Sinion artists lost interest due to sharing dramas on TV and YouTube. Do you think this crisis will lessen if OTT’s position is strong?
But with the advent of the OTT, the scope of the work of our true artists has expanded. But seniors not only work in OTT but also in movies and dramas. If there is too much work, there will be bad work. Since we now have options, the good things will be more if we don’t see the bad things.

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