Ignore the cold and campaign for cash

Ignore the cold and campaign for cash

The first ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ movie directed by Abu Raihan Jewel. The “Adventure of Sundarbans” team is busy promoting the film ahead of its January 20 release.

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On Friday evening, January 6, ignoring the cold, the “Adventure of Sundarbans” team accompanied by actress Parimani went to Jamuna Future Park for the campaign.

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Parimoni said, the main audience of our “Sundarbans Adventure”, much love to you. See you in theaters, coming January 20.

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Prominent pedagogue, popular science fiction writer and famous children’s writer. ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ is based on Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s novel ‘Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din’.

On the other hand, Parimoni has been going through a tough time for some time. A storm is blowing in personal life. Pari does not sit in these hostile times. Out of a sense of responsibility, he rushed to promote the film. Many cheered as little child Shahim Muhammad Rajya stepped out on such a wintery night.


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